Atlas vs Monterrey • Live Highlights • Matchday 12 • Clausura 2024 • Liga MX

Game over

90+8′ Red Card for Atlas!

Martin Nervo has been expelled from the game. The game was reviewed in VAR and the referee decided to give Atlas a red card.

90′ 7 minutes have been added to the second half

83′ Monterrey makes more changes

Out: German Bertram and Sergio Canales.

Enter: Rodrigo Aguirre and Omar Gouveia.

83′ Santamaria with possible injury.

Anderson Santamaria suffered a hard fall that left him on the ground for a few moments, however, Atlas has no choice now so the player remains in the match.


Aldo Rocha finally got the first chance for Atlas with a free kick.

Further changes to the 76′ Atlas

Eduardo Aguirre left the game and Jordi Caicedo joined.

75′ The Foxes look for space to move forward

Atlas does not give up and continues to look for the first score, the game takes place in the middle of the field with red and black having more possession.

68′ Changes in both teams

Monterrey: Luis Romo and Maximiliano Meza left to join Brandon Vazquez and Jesus Manuel Corona.

Atlas: They leave John Murillo and Mateo Garcia out and let Israel Larios and Juan Zapata enter.

67′ First yellow for Rayados.

Eric Aguirre received his first warning for Monterrey.

62′ Monterrey waive the third.

Rayados already dominated the ball and were threatening Atlas with good chances in front of Camilo Vargas’ goal, however, Bertram could not get the ball into the net and they kept looking for options to make the score bigger.

Another yellow for the 61′ Atlas

Anderson Santamaria has been reprimanded and Atlas already has two yellow cards.

57′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOO from Monterrey!

Despite Raidos’ lack of possession in the match, they already represent a threat as the red and black approach the goal. Thus, after a corner kick, Monterrey increased the lead with a header from Jesús Gallardo.

54′ First Alert for Atlas

Jeremy Marquez gets his first warning of the game for the Foxes.

51′ Atlas insists on a tie

Jeremy Marquez was once again close to the goal after hitting a shot on goal, although the ball remained on the edge of the goal. Atlas continues its dominance with a comeback in the second half.

46′ Monterrey return with changes

Jordi Cortizo went off to let Jesus Gallardo in.

second part begins

end of first half

45′ 5 minutes have been added to the first half

44′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOO from Monterrey!

Atlas could not take advantage of his continued arrival and Maximiliano Meza moved forward to take advantage of Monterrey. Raidos’ first shot on goal in the match and he managed to take advantage of it.

43′ Atlas injury in the ranks

Gaddi Aguirre left the field due to muscle pain. Idekel Dominguez enters the game to cover the spot.

33′ Jeremy Marquez close to scoring.

Jeremy Marquez receives the ball in front of the Monterrey goal, but he cannot profile the shot well enough to give Atlas the first chance.

28′ Possible injury to Monterrey

Maximiliano Meazza lies on the field while they provide medical aid. The player rejoins the match action.

23′ Atlas’ first close-up feel

Atlas has maintained the threat in Andrada’s goal and Monterrey, for its part, has appeared with some arrivals that have allowed the Zoros to carry out continuous attacks.

17′ Atlas sought a penalty without success

The red and black team demanded a penalty due to a controversial play in the Monterrey area, however, the referee decided to continue the match.

15′ Monterrey tries to wake up

Rayados starts the game with small and inconsistent possessions, as the minutes go on they start trying to reach Atlas territory, even without generating anything that can be capitalized on Is.

7′ Atlas with more possession in the first minutes

Zoros are looking to gain depth and Rayados are looking careless at the start of the game and without creating risks.

2′ Atlas makes his first appearance in the match

John Murillo receives a pass that allows him to face Andrada, however, the man in red and black fails to harm Monterrey by not defining the shot well.

the match starts

The ball begins to spin and the game begins to be played on the Jalisco Stadium field.

atlas alignment

monterey lineup

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