Atlético de Madrid ousts Real Madrid and advances to Copa del Rey

Atlético de Madrid won an epic derby against Real Madrid, decided once again in extra time (4–2), and reached the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey.

Like last week in Saudi Arabia, the capital’s classic was decided in extra time, a Super Cup semi-final won by the Merengue. On this occasion, the match was less spectacular, although it turned out to be emotional and tight, with Colcanero defeating the visitors at the Metropolitan Stadium and securing a hard-fought victory.

Even in the first half, chances became clear for Real, who were on the verge of taking the lead through Jude Bellingham’s shot, which was deflected off the crossbar, and the double from Jan Oblak’s brilliant reaction against Josema Jimenez. The opportunity was saved. and Vinicius Jr.

Cholo Simeone’s pupils, who shared possession with Carlo Ancelotti’s men, barely troubled Andrey Lunin until Rodrigo De Paul’s header. samuel lino He appeared behind everything and broke the uniformity in the Metropolitano.

Griezmann combined with De Paul to send a cross to Saul, which Rudiger was expecting first. However, the German defender’s header unsettled Carvajal and a one-on-one with Lunin allowed the Brazilian to push the ball into the goal and make the score 1–0 (39′).

In the next moments, the derby heated up, and even Vinny was scolded for protesting, and just when it seemed the result was not going to change before the break, oblakWhat was once a hero became the hosts’ villain when he made a blunder in cutting out Luka Modric’s free kick and, againstMatch the Sharp Classic (45+1′).

And just as errors had marked the early stage goals, Lunin worked his way into complements, leaving a bizarre goal for a former Real Madrid player who has turned him on to the White House on more than one occasion: alvaro morata, The Ukrainian got off to a bad start due to carrom, which left the striker 2-1 (57′).

With a (new) loss on the scoreboard, the merengue went in search of parity, and Lunin kept them in the match for much of the match by sending his team on the attack, based on some sensational saves. And even after new bloopers, goals were prevented in both goals, the newcomer Joselu Mato After an accurate center from Bellingham (82′), a great team game was crowned.

In this context, the Colcanero wasted a new advantage and had to go to extra time, like a week before, in the semi-finals of the Spanish Super Cup. And, as the journalist and statistician Mr Chip pointed out, As had happened in the last eight single-match Madrid derbies!Started in 1992. Undoubtedly, the outlook seemed to be in favor of the team that always has the advantage at this moment, Real Madrid.

But there emerged their all-time top scorer, antoine griezmannWho kept Vinny away and completed his brilliant run down the right side with a superb finish before Lunin’s lukewarm clearance (100′).

Real once again turned to the attack and had the clearest of goals when Dani Ceballos’s goal – after another Oblak blooper – was canceled out by a millimeter offside, but Atlético responded well on the counter headed by Memphis Depay. attacked and exquisitely defined rodrigo riquelme (119′).

With this victory, Atlético de Madrid joins Sevilla, Athletic Bilbao, Mallorca, Celta de Vigo, Real Sociedad, Verona and Barcelona as eight qualify for the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey, which will be drawn this Friday. will be. and Real Madrid, the LaLiga leader, who They lost only their second game of the season, with curiously the second game also being at the Metropolitano against Atlético.Left without defending its title in the Copa del Rey.

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