Who is Abby and who plays her?

The Last of Us has cast Kaitlyn Dever in the role of Abby for season two of the post-apocalyptic series, based on the video game of the same name.

The 27-year-old will join Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal in the second release of the Sky exclusive series, which will premiere in 2025.

While fans of the games are eager to hear the news, those who aren’t familiar with the story of The Last of Us following the season one finale may be a little confused. Allow us to explain…

Abby Picture in The Last of Us II: Naughty Dog
Abby Picture in The Last of Us II: Naughty Dog

In The Last of Us game, Abby Anderson is the daughter of Jerry Anderson, the lead surgeon working for the anti-revolutionary militia group, the Fireflies.

After a turning point in her life, Abby sets out on a quest for revenge and becomes a key character in the second part of the popular game.

She is a playable dual heroine in The Last of Us Part II, and some argue that she is more of a main character than Ellie.

Abby Picture in The Last of Us II: Naughty Dog
Abby Picture in The Last of Us II: Naughty Dog

While she is often considered the villain in the game, she is not necessarily evil, rather she is filled with a need to avenge her loved ones and complete conviction of her beliefs.

Abby is certainly a complex character, the epitome of moral ambiguity and while we understand her anger and agenda, the default position for Joel and Ellie from the first game (and TV series) makes it difficult to fully connect with her. Is.

In the game, she is voiced by Laura Bailey, also known for Fullmetal Alchemist, World of Warcraft, and Bleach, who made cameos in the show’s first season, along with fellow stars Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, Jeffrey Pierce, and Merle Dandridge. Was. who reprized her role as Marlene).

Kaitlyn Dever Photo: Jerrod Harris/Getty Images for Knott's Berry Farm
Kaitlyn Dever Photo: Jerrod Harris/Getty Images for Knott’s Berry Farm

For Dever, this is her first ‘villain’ role, but not her first video game connection as she voiced Cassie Drake in 2016’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

Dever has a promising range, having appeared in a number of feature films ranging from the high-school flick, Booksmart, to the biographical drama Beautiful Boy, to Hulu’s sci-fi thriller, No One Will Save You.

And considering that she’s also garnered two Golden Globe nominations for her television performances in Unbelievable and Dopesick, we have no doubt that she’ll do the character justice.

You can watch The Last of Us as all episodes of season one are now available on Sky Atlantic

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