Atlético Nacional crashes out of Libertadores

Libertadores Cup

The Antioquia team lost 0–3 to their Paraguay counterpart at home and were eliminated from the tournament.

Atlético Nacional Vs. National Club
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national athletic He said goodbye this Wednesday Libertadores Cup after falling together National Club 0-3 at Attanasio Girardot for the second qualifying stage of the tournament. The overall series ended 0–4 in favor of Paraguay, who will now face Chile’s Palestino. The goals of the game were from Juan Alfaro and Rodrigo Arévalo.

In the first half, Atlético Nacional had the first chance in the opening minutes of the game, where the ball passed to Jefferson Duke and the forward took a shot from Antony Silva.

Around the 18th minute, the Paraguayans alerted Rodrigo Arévalo, who passed the National defender and entered the area, but Santiago Rojas responded brilliantly to save the goal.

However, Rojas went from hero to villain in a matter of minutes. And after a foul by Edir Ocampo on the edge of the area, a free kick arose that ended with a goal by Juan Alfaro of Nacional de Paraguay, who took advantage of the fact that Rojas had already gone to the sideline and fired it past the goalkeeper’s post. Sent on.

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Libertadores Cup

On 35′, Atlético Nacional had the clearest chance to score with Bernardo Espinosa, who first attempted a left-footed shot that hit an opponent and then fought for the ball and won a header that allowed Silva to collect the ball. Forced to spread for.

Already in the second half, Purslane tried with Ocampo, who after the rejection caught the ball on the edge of the area and took a right-footed shot that went wide. The opponent attempted a play seven minutes later, where Nacional were badly blocked and the ball was passed to Facundo Velazco, who out-jumped Sergio Mosquera and passed into the area, where he fired a left-footed shot. Took, which Rojas saved.

In the 65th minute, the local team once again came through with Espinosa getting a header from Dorlan Pabon’s brilliant cross, but Silva saved the goal with a slap shot. However, the game ended with a foul play offense.

Paraguay’s Nacional ended the series in the 70th minute. Goalkeeper Rojas did not catch the ball and gave Arévalo the opportunity to receive the ball and finish and despite the fact that there were two Purslane players in goal, he could not get the ball.

Five minutes later, Silva again saved Nacional on a double chance. First, he took a strong shot from Brahien Palacios and then saved a new shot from Espinosa at point-blank range.

The home team made an incredible save in the 78th minute. Jordan Santa Cruz found a leaked ball and there the player took a shot past Rojas which hit the post, then the players almost scored against themselves in an attempt to clear Purslane.

Nacional looked for a goal of honor in a free kick taken by Pablo Ceppelini which hit the barrier and the ball reached Roberto Mejía who sent it into the clouds.

In the end, the tour got a penalty which Velazco successfully took, completely fooling goalkeeper Rojas.

With this difficult result, Nacional now only has local tournaments left this season, which will start anew in the next few hours with the arrival of Pablo Repetto.


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