Atrocious! The man who was roaming in India with his head in one hand and a knife in the other was arrested

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A man in India has been detained by West Bengal authorities after he was seen walking down the street with his head in one hand and a knife in the other. The moment he was caught wandering on the street, several videos of him circulated on social networks. Reportedly he wanted to involve himself in it.

By: The Herald

These events were witnessed by citizens of a village, who recorded it on video and uploaded it to social networks. The police took immediate action after getting the information, but according to the local police, this was the second case reported in the same area.

They arrested a man who was walking down the street holding a woman’s head in his hands

Local media indicated that this man has been identified as Anil Kanojia, who was caught by citizens of Uttar Pradesh in mid-February 2024 while walking on the street with the head of a woman, later identified as his wife. was diagnosed. They immediately informed about it and the police caught the person.

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