Austin Butler replaces Chris Evans as Human Torch in Marvel art

Years ago Chris Evans played Steve Rogers aka Captain America in Marvel, which he was associated with Fantastic Four. Playing Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch, the actor burst onto the screen in Tim Story’s 2005 film and its 2007 sequel. But later, after playing the role of Cap, fans re-imagined Austin Butler in the role of the Human Torch.

Austin ButlerAustin Butler
Austin Butler

going with elvis Actor Austin Butler, Marvel fans created artwork supporting his imagination. This brand new piece of fan art from Instagram users made headlines following rumors that Butler was tipped for the Human Torch role by his agents. The report came out in 2022 when Jeff Snyder revealed it Tea hot mic podcast.

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Austin Butler’s agents wanted him to be the Human Torch

Ever since Marvel Studios planned Fantastic Four After the reboot, they faced major setbacks in casting and production. They lost famous actors like John Krasinski due to other projects and Chris Evans due to his MCU role as Captain America. Thus, Marvel was looking for actors for other roles, including Reed Richards and Johnny Storm.

Chris Evans as Johnny Storm, Human TorchChris Evans as Johnny Storm, Human Torch
Chris Evans as Johnny Storm aka Human Torch

Witness Marvel’s search for actors for their upcoming roles Fantastic Four In the reboot, 2022, Austin Butler made headlines for reportedly campaigning for the role of the Human Torch. The actor, who was once played by Chris Evans, was apparently being eyed by Butler’s agents.

Austin Butler Austin Butler
Austin Butler’s agent was pressuring him to play Human Torch

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This information about Austin Butler reportedly being in the running for Human Torch was provided by Jeff Snyder Tea hot mic podcast. Snyder revealed that he had heard that Butler’s agents “make him stand for the human torchRight around the time Marvel started casting leads.

Fan art replaces Chris Evans with Austin Butler

Although this rumor of Austin Butler campaigning for the Human Torch was never confirmed and ultimately turned out to be a false alarm, fans got excited when Jeff Snyder revealed it in 2022. After a whirlwind of rumors, fans even started imagining the actor in the iconic role that once belonged to Chris Evans.

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Marvel fans soon came up with their own artwork re-imagining Austin Butler in the role of Johnny Storm aka Human Torch. This is how to color blue elvis The actor was seen in an artwork posted by Josh under the username on Instagram. Subsequently, countless artworks came into the spotlight that replaced Evans with Butler as the next Human Torch.

pedro pascalpedro pascal
Pedro Pascal will appear as Reed Richards in 2025 Fantastic Four reboot

However, the rumors were soon put to rest, as Marvel did not address any of those fan-arts or fan-castings. Finally, Kevin Feige informed fans about the upcoming reboot which is set to release in theaters in 2025. With Pedro Pascal playing the role of Reed Richards, the film is set to bring in a new actor for each role. But unfortunately Austin Butler is not on this list.

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