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As is often the case with these types of characters, Fayed-Routha The hero in the film almost steals the show from Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet). dune 2, currently in theaters. It must be said that his interpreter Austin Butler dedicated himself to bringing him to life through a Dantesque performance. As he recently revealed tonight showHe conceived a personal story specifically to give credibility to this villain.

,The thing about such bad characters, which I’ve never played before, is that you don’t want to judge them.he explained. So I had to imagine a lot of things related to his childhood. And thanks to the first movie, which featured Stellan Skarsgard as the Baron, who is incredible, I was able to imagine what it’s like to grow up with such a father figure.,

extreme training

But that’s not all, Austin Butler – like many other blockbuster stars, has gone through an XXL physical transformation. And for this, he chose to surround himself with the hunk’s favorite fitness expert in Hollywood, Duffy Gaver, to whom we are indebted for Chris Hemsworth’s biceps. thoror in brad pitt’s stomach troy,

a good idea ? Yes and no. The actor confessed, he had to endure hardships the likes of which he had rarely faced. ,He’s the nicest guy, but also… the one who doesn’t count repetitionsHe whispered to the Hot Ones. He’s still going full steam ahead and you keep wondering how much time you have left. And when you get to the point where you know you’re dying And you can’t do anything else, he says, ‘Okay, 10 more!’.,

An effective way of working while keeping his physique on screen, but one that left him breaking down more than once. ,You push your body to its absolute limits what he is able to provideThe actor explained. I worked every time until I vomited,

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