Baracoa Airport is ready to receive international flights

He Gustavo Rizzo AirportIn Baracoa, in the province of Guantanamo, preparations are being made to open its doors to the international market, after the Cuban authorities announced their intention to enable it for such purposes.

The manager of the “Antonio Maceo” International Airport of Santiago de Cuba is in charge of giving the green light to complete operations at the Baracoa Terminal.

Several photos published on the Facebook profile of Santiago Airport show people gathered for training meetings.

According to the publication, “The director, experts and selected staff (mechanics, traffic representatives, others) of the UEB Santiago de Cuba Airport, together with the directors of other entities located at the airport, inspected the Gustavo Rizzo Airport Unit Baracoa. ” , with the aim of training the staff, preparing, specifying and finalizing the specifications so that this airport receives international flights with a group of qualified staff who provide quality service.”

Facebook/”Antonio Maceo Grajales” International Airport Santiago de Cuba

Gustavo Rizzo Airport is located approximately two kilometers north of the city and has one runway and passenger terminal, which currently receives mainly domestic flights from Havana.

Facebook/Miguel News

Baracoa is one of the first cities founded in Cuba. By Spanish explorer Diego Velázquez. This city is 512 years old.

It was founded in 1511 as the island’s first capital and first bishopric. It then lost that status and the capital was moved first to Santiago de Cuba and then to Havana, but the seaside city retained its status as Cuba’s first city.

Baracoa is a beautiful tourist attraction for travelers Those who seek a beautiful natural environment and the beauty of the most forested area of ​​the island, with its abundant rugged coast, foliage, mountains and rivers.

In addition to natural landscapes, Baracoa is known for its history and traditions, so cultural tourism is also very well received. When Admiral Christopher Columbus arrived on the same voyage of discovery in 1492, the Taíno Indians (descendants of the Araucas or Araucos) were the predominant inhabitants of the place.

In Baracoa, the La Russa and Castillito hotels stand out among others, and a set of traditions, added to the local production of sweets such as the famous coconut and chocolate cones, two of the culinary symbols of the place.

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