Barcelona SC has announced Anibal Chala as its new player.


Barcelona SC have already confirmed that the full-back has arrived as a ‘free’ player.

Barcelona SC appointed him as their new player
© APIBarcelona SC appointed him as their new player

Emelec warned in a statement several weeks ago that any team that hires Anibal Chala without paying ‘Bombillo’ will have to pay the termination clause. He will be sued by the Blue Club. Amidst this legal warning from the Electricians, Barcelona SC announced on their social networks the signing of the left back.

Barcelona SC has already arranged everything with Anibal Chala and they have presented him as their new reinforcement, ‘Idol’ has confirmed a press conference for this Thursday, January 4, 2024, in which the official announcement of the left winger could be made and perhaps some testimony from the former Emelec player.

In their official statement several weeks ago, Emelec warned that: “We inform that any interest and/or negotiations for the player should be made directly with Club Sport Emelec, who will be subject to his federal and financial obligations until the end of the 2026 season. are the current holders of the rights.or fines for possible violations of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players,

With his statement, Emelec warned that the team that declares Aníbal Chala without paying the termination clause will present an official complaint to ‘Bombillo’. Chala and those around Barcelona SC are confident that the negotiations have been conducted in accordance with the rules and that there will be no problems in hiring him for this season. Even in the official statement they confirm that it comes ‘free’.

Aníbal Chala was starting for Emelec in the LigaPro. (Photo: API)

Chala also reacted to the situation and clarified that he was a free player for the 2024 season. The footballer will already agree everything on personal terms with Barcelona SC and will arrive at the yellow club to play in the Copa Libertadores, a tournament that Emelec has not been able to qualify for this year either.

Has Emelec sued Barcelona SC?

It is also reported that Emelec will already have everything ready in his legal department to go to court over the situation of Aníbal Challa. the club was just waiting Official announcement by the team that hired the player that they are demanding a payment of more than US$600,000 for the player’s transfer.

Does Barcelona SC present Anibal Chala

The novel of Aníbal Chala is also one of the novels that has most influenced the transfer market in Ecuadorian football. Through his social networks, Barcelona SC confirmed him as a new player for the next 4 seasons. Yellow clarified that the Ecuadorian full-back Yellow arrives at the club as a free agent.

Will there be more Barcelona SC side ‘t-shirts’?

Barcelona SC has managed to acquire one of the first ‘bombs’ of the transfer market and has retained Anibal Chala as its new reinforcement. The Yellows will also be close to announcing players like Franklin Guerra and Dixon Arroyo, among other elements.

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