Bauer pitches vs. Dodgers’ prospects on display

Trevor Bauer pitches three scoreless innings against a lineup of Los Angeles Dodgers minor leaguers, some of them highly regarded prospects

Glendale, Arizona — trevor bauer He had to face To American professional hitter For the first time in nearly three years and it happened in the backfield of a minor league complex los angeles dodgersOn a Sunday afternoon, pitching for a team, he got called up asian breeze,

Bauer, who once received the longest suspension in the history of Major League Baseball’s domestic violence policy, pitched three shutout innings against one alignment Of players oflittle league Of the Dodgers, some of them well-considered prospects,

Afterwards, the 33-year-old Bauer regretted not getting another opportunity in the major leagues.

“I mean, if you think about it, he deserves a chance to sign with a major league team,” Bauer said to a group of media members shortly after his departure. “I’m only demanding the minimum league, so it’s not a question of money. I’ve served my suspension twice. I’ve been cleared of everything in the legal system. If you think about it logically , so there’s really no reason not to have a job. But I don’t have it. So it is what it is. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t want to predict the future. We’ll see.”

MLB gave Bauer an unprecedented 324-game suspension in April 2022, nearly 10 months after he was first placed on administrative leave over sexual assault allegations. An independent arbitrator appointed by both MLB and the MLB Players Association reduced Bauer’s suspension to 194 games later that year, ultimately leading to his release from the Dodgers.

Bauer spent the 2023 season pitching for the Yokohama DeNA BayStars in Japan after receiving no interest from major league teams. He has publicly longed for another opportunity on multiple platforms this offseason, saying he would at least be willing to pitch for the major leagues. So far, teams have once again ignored his presence.

Bauer’s latest venture came with a tryout team consisting mostly of amateur players hoping to be seen in front of scouts.

This is Bauer’s closest chance to major league action in nearly 33 months.

Over a hundred fans filled a small set of stands and stood behind the backstop as Bauer faced a Dodgers lineup filled with key prospects such as Andy Paige, Diego Cartaya, and Hunter Feduccia. At least a handful of fans wore Bauer jerseys and “Bring back Bauer” T-shirts.

It did not appear that any major league scouts were present, but many fans applauded Bauer as he recorded four strikeouts against 12 at-bats. The biggest celebration came after his final out, when he accepted pitching suggestions from a nearby fan and retired Feduccia from behind in the count.

Bauer said that the Asian Breeze team recently contacted him because the team was in need of pitchers and he agreed to participate. Originally he was scheduled to pitch in a game at the Arizona Diamondbacks Complex on Saturday.

“I think it’s been pushed back,” said Bauer, who is currently scheduled to pitch just one game for Brees. “It ends here.”

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