Bayamo doctors sentenced to up to three years of house arrest

Cuban doctors convicted in Granma of alleged negligence in the case of a young motorcyclist who died after an accident were sentenced to between one and three years of house arrest.

Radiologist Katia Ramirez, the aunt of one of the convicted, condemned on Facebook what she considered “injustice” over the sentence handed down by the Bayamo court to the doctors’ lawyer.

He said that the doctors have been informed.

The professional said, “And of course we feared that such a delay would lead to injustice and that is what happened. Today they took the sentence to the lawyers’ house and informed the doctors.”

He said that the radiologist involved in the case (elizabeth silvera) was acquitted, but his nephew William Perez Ramirez was sentenced to one year of house arrest,

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For his part, Doctor yoandra quesada labrada was convicted 1 year and 6 months Of house arrest, of doctors Rafael Jose Sanchez Vazquez And Henry Rosales Pompa Rafael To 2 years and surgeon ristian solano Under the same regime he was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment.

Ramirez says that Government He was “not going to challenge the process because that would mean losing and they wouldn’t accept that.”

Angered, he expressed hope that Ingres Porto Mateo, Dumar Rosales and Osaris Perdomo, who were allegedly behind the convictions, would “never again sleep like the rest of those responsible”, in order to take the six doctors to trial. Which angered thousands of Cubans.

They confirmed that they will continue to fight and appeal to the necessary authorities to get justice.

Just two days earlier he had said that the court was delaying sentencing and explained the case of his nephew, William Arturo Pérez Ramírez, who was a third-year resident in the General Surgery Specialty at the time of the incident.

He clarified that the young man was not in the guard corps when the patient arrived, but was treated in the multipurpose room after hours; Where they did a physical examination and took vital signs.

“This development was duly monitored and signed off by the hospital specialist Dr. Ristian, who ordered the insertion of a urinary catheter (which was not inserted because the institution did not have one), pain relief, and progressive intubation at about 12:00 Abdominal ultrasound, (since the first was negative). This second ultrasound reported free fluid in the cavity, which is why an emergency was declared for surgical treatment, and the young man’s role in the surgery was to be an instrumentalist. and therefore in charge of counting the clamps, compresses and creating the surgical field, fulfilling this role without errors,” Ramírez explained.

However, in the document prepared by the Provincial Health Directorate Commission, the resident is accused of “receiving and classifying the patient in a manner that is completely indeterminate, and when he or she is released without any reason for his or her charge. , so the experts understood that because he was a doctor he should pay attention to any errors made by the expert.”

“There are really no words left to describe this process. What he feels and what we feel, among many other mixed emotions: helplessness, despair, frustration, pain, sadness. For any of them Nothing can be the same either for us or for us,” she claimed.

He Case against six doctors It was held behind closed doors in late November 2023 at the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Provincial Hospital in Bayamo, where he was accused of negligence in the case of a patient who died during surgery.

Exiled doctor Alexander de Jesus Figueiredo Izaguirre said he knew the details of the case and explained that doctors had to subject the man to surgery – who arrived at the emergency room injured after a serious motorcycle accident – ​​even though he was in hospital. It was not so. Essential resources, such as suture material, Levin probes, and tomographs were in short supply.

Prestigious Cuban urologist Aldo Luis Zamora Varona He described what happened during an operation in which the young patient died and said “I have never experienced such a shortage of supplies to carry out an operation.”,

Dr. Daniel Oliva said in this regard that the Cuban system As a health sub-system, as a government, we are handing over our responsibilities to guilty doctors.,

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