movie theater. “The Three Musketeers: Milady”: Top or Flop?

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The first part of the cult saga of the Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas was released on April 5, 2023. Already signed by Martin Bourboulon, it focused on the Queen’s necklace, a relation to the famous stud.

Same director, same casting

We have expressed our enthusiasm for this film in these columns. To say that we were eagerly awaiting the sequel would be an understatement. Same director, same cast and this time, as the title indicates, with Milady de Winter in the lead role. Whereas at the end of the first chapter she commits suicide by throwing herself off a cliff, here she is revived and still ready to bite.

The common thread of this piece: poor d’Artagnan’s frantic quest to find his beloved Constance Bonacieux. Their journey from the British and French palaces to their headquarters at La Rochelle would be fraught with danger.

it does not work anymore

We were a little skeptical about this. Except this time, we won’t move anymore! What happened ? The film, at the very least, looks like an ultra-fast montage of scenes shot during the first half. Aramis, Porthos, Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu are nothing more than vague silhouettes without any depth. Actors only speak words. Two hours of screening turns into an eternity of boredom.

Eva Green (Milady Viperin as a devil) plays the Boulevard du Crime genre at the age of 19I François Civil, previously the flamboyant D’Artagnan, seems breathless here and Vincent Cassel plays an Athos who has difficulty reconnecting with his past. The final shot announces a sequel… good luck! But you never know, because of a misunderstanding…

The teaser :

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