Beauty therapy at home: Botox effect product that eliminates wrinkles in an hour

The world of beauty is rapidly evolving and beauty brands are studying what are the best ingredients for our skin and, of course, what are the best ways to apply them. For anti-aging results, retinol – or its natural alternative, bakuchiol – is very successful. However, recently other alternatives such as DMAE or el are also being discussed


It is Actibo with Botox effect that is very effective and you can find it in countless cosmetics already on the market. However, the most innovative and the one that promises incredible results is a treatment that will revolutionize skin care without invasion or pain

Medical-aesthetic results from home,

what is argiline

«It is designed for a hexapeptide (what we call peptides)

Mimic the effects of botulinum toxin At skin level and in the form of cosmetics. And it works to relax and improve wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes,” says surgeon and aesthetic doctor Virtudes Ruiz. In addition, “its mission is to have an action similar to that of botulinum toxin by reducing, at the skin level, the fusion of vesicles filled with neurotransmitters with the membranes of neurons, in order to relax the skin,” explains María Vicente, surgeon. .and beauty therapists.

But how is Botox similar? «While not being a neurotoxin, it simulates its mechanism of action, although at the skin level, to relax it, as it is a cosmetic ingredient and

not injected, “Meanwhile, botulinum toxin acts at the muscle level, where it is directly injected and has to be done by a doctor,” explains Dr. Ruiz.

Coconut Clinical Beauty Filler.

Its effects last for about six to six hours after topical application and there are already several products that contain it, although if you are looking for something most effective you will have to try

Coconut Clinical Beauty Filler, a treatment capable of rejuvenating up to ten years in just one hour. The perfect combination between aesthetic medicine and cosmetics. Bring premium results to your home at a moderate price.

It is an effective and accessible beauty option that is 15 times cheaper than the average price in beauty therapy and what it does is firm, tighten, reduce wrinkles, instantly brighten and plump and is long lasting and for this Argiline Thanks to, as we say, it is. a peptide which is

Stimulates collagen production and has a botox-like effectRelaxing muscles, preventing wrinkles before they form and achieving a calm and natural expression.

This is how the coconut product is applied.

But what makes it different from what’s already available in the market? Well, its microneedling head (a process that stimulates the natural process of collagen and elastin production), which ensures maximum effectiveness and unmatched results. And the effects are immediate and visible from the first use, in fact, the company assures that in a single application

Rejuvenate your skin for 10 years,

And this format with a type of clinical application favors the penetration of active ingredients up to 30 times higher than its topical application and up to 15 times higher than other applicants based on it.

microneedling technique,

Now you can buy it on the company’s website

reduced to 95.96 euros And there are already many people who have announced on the network how well it works. If you are looking for a product that works directly on wrinkles, you have to try this innovation that is revolutionizing the world of cosmetics.

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