“I can’t give him advice, he’s not my son.”


carlo ancelottitechnician real MadridHe expressed his views about the decision he would take toni kross about his future, admitting that he thinks he will continue, and treat the condition luka modricWithout confirming whether he wants to retire, he has offered him a spot on his coaching staff.

Pep Guardiola fired him from Manchester City and announced his retirement: “I don’t see what I want in you”.

,I don’t know what Modric will do in the future.When asked about the Croatian midfielder’s offer to join their coaching staff if he decides to hang up his boots at the end of the campaign, he candidly said, “I usually don’t talk about personal things with the press. I don’t talk about.”

“Everyone expects Modric to continue to be a great player, as he has been and will be this season. Modric’s future will be decided by the player himself,” he said without expressing his emotions.

It was different with the German CrowsWhen? ancelotti Following the announcement of his return to the German team, the midfielder’s options were analysed.

“I think Tony is a very responsible person, he has a very clear idea of ​​what his future will be and he wants to stop when his standards drop. Until he sees it, I guess he’ll keep going“, They said.

Besides, ‘Carleto’ was confident that to return Germany Cruz is not going to have any impact on the high performances he has brought to Real Madrid.

Xavi completely wiped him out from Barcelona: he went from being a starter to never playing and his future is uncertain

“He told me that he is making a comeback to the national team and it will not affect his performance because everyone’s focus at the moment is on this season. No one can know the future but the decision you have taken will have no impact on your high performance real Madrid“, They said.

whom he abandoned ancelotti That is, he is going to have negotiations with Cruz in which he will try to condition his decision, neither asking him to continue for another year. “I will not advise Cruz on what to do, he is not my son. I can give advice to my son. “He has the full mental capacity to choose what he wants in the future.”

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