The company you’ve practically never heard of and whose price on the stock market is higher than Inditex, Santander and Repsol

Nvidia is not a young company, at least not in the field of technology, where projects are created and destroyed like soap bubbles. Video game lovers knew about it decades ago, because its chips were among the most powerful and numerous gamer Origin had to choose between itself and the ubiquitous Intel to get the best results.

jensen huang Company established in 1993 And there he will continue to hold the post of President. He was the one who promoted that company and now he has achieved the most difficult task: developing the product and understanding the new market movement. History is replete with technology companies that like NokiaHe found the hen that laid the golden eggs but he failed to see that the market had already moved away from where he was the king.

Nvidia has experienced a 40% market share increase in the first two months of the year. This was more than just an increase, as the company was already quite large. Companies generally don’t grow at that rate unless, of course, they’ve got something that has sparked enthusiastic interest in the market. A recent case of this is the growth of a Danish pharmaceutical company. nordisk Thanks to its anti-diabetes drug – which, it seems, almost miraculously manages to make you lose weight – Ozempic.

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Something similar has happened with Nvidia, although more than a specific product it has done it with a concept. It is a leader in artificial intelligence computing and has become ahead of all its competitors thanks to the foresight and understanding of Huang, the businessman always wearing a leather jacket, that it and no one else is going to be the next big horse. Of fighting.

In an article last August, The New York Times reported how Nvidia has bet heavily on processors with AI technology. The company has been with this commitment for a decade, thinking about how chips can process tasks like vocal recognition or text generators. chatgpt, With processors that are somewhat different from those used until now, they have created an industry around themselves with services and tools designed for the development of these specific technologies.

Due to this, more than 70% of AI chips in the market are being produced by the company. A large part of the emerging market, in which other companies like Google or IBM have also tried to get their hands dirty, but at the moment is well below Nvidia’s capabilities. Some of them, like the Santa Clara giant, have used Nvidia content for some of their AI operations, noticing that they were not able to maintain their speed.

Jensen Huang, CEO and founder of Nvidia (Reuters)

It’s all part of a slow process, as a decade always is. Nvidia has always had a reputation for working well, having very fast processors, and being innovative. Now, in this new life, they are the first, not only they make chips, but for years they have also been making computers to be able to take full advantage of that technology.

Huang says this is the biggest revolution in this field in decades. Last September they announced the creation of new chips h100Which has been the basis of some great AI inventions like Chat GPT.

Its website states, “Nvidia architectures are built to accelerate those AI tasks with larger computers and faster memory to help manage growing networks and databases.” That is, new elements help machines learn, which is still the core of this technology, as quickly as possible.

And the race doesn’t seem to be ending here, recently the brand has been promoting a new technology called Grace Hopper. A superchip that, according to its website, will “offer up to 10 times more performance for applications running terabytes of data, allowing scientists and researchers to achieve unprecedented solutions to the world’s most complex problems.”

Its impact on the stock market has been very strong. this week they got increase of 276,700,000 million dollars The New York Stock Exchange rose 16.4% in one day, the most the company has seen in a single session. The back of this was the financial results of the last quarter of last year, where they achieved a new profit record and announced a 265% profit increase in one year. Although it is ahead of companies like Apple, it has come close to becoming the most valuable company in the world. It is worth more than the combined sum of Santendra, Inditex and Repsol.

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