Being able to laugh, and laugh at ourselves, is good for our brain health and provides well-being

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He Humor there is one subjective experience He provokes a feeling of Pleasure, Happiness one of two funand appears through laughter, smile or simply a feeling of well-being. We say it is subjective because what one person finds funny may not be funny to another, as humor depends on many factors, such as culture, education, personal experiences, and mood.

there is one tool we are powerful Help Facing difficulties, connecting with others and enjoying life. For example, laughter has one analgesic effect And anti, When we laugh our stress reduces.

Additionally, humor can help us view life in a more positive and optimistic way. Laughter helps relieve stress and feel better about yourself. When we laugh at our mistakes or imperfections, we can accept ourselves better and increase our self-esteem.

Too Favor relationship Creates more social bonds with other people. Sharing a smile or laughter with someone can create a feeling of companionship and closeness.

1. They all start with “Gr” and end with “Io”:

-Labor Union.



2. What does the word Kuskungo mean?


Bread crust.


3. E – O – O – P – R – R – T

Write three seven-letter words using these letters (not verbs).


1. Guild. Gregarious. Shout.

2. Bran. Ember. Praise. Fathom. Hand.

3. Goalkeeper. Frog. Trooper.

And laughter allows us to see things from different perspectives and discover new ideas. It helps us think outside the box and find creative solutions to problems.

Ultimately, when facing difficult or painful situations, laughter allows us to step back and adopt a more positive outlook.

We all probably know someone who is in a good mood. And if we were to describe it, that person would probably have some of the following characteristics:

-Spontaneous and positive feelings of happiness, joy, satisfaction and inner peace.

-Optimistic outlook, positive outlook towards life, hope and confidence in the future.

– Good natured towards others with kind, generous and sympathetic expressions and behaviour.

– Ability to find fun in everyday situations.

-Ability to face difficulties with flexibility and positive attitude.

Do these qualities come from somewhere or is there a way for us to have what we call “good humor”?

Some studies have concluded that good humor is an important component of emotional intelligence and as such, we can all practice and develop it at any time in our lives.

how to do it? There are many ways to start creating a good mood. One is to practice gratitude, focusing on the good things in your life. It could be health, family, friends, or even luck (for example, you won in pool).

The second is to carry out activities that we find enjoyable and bring us happiness, devoting time to hobbies, entertainment and positive relationships.

And get enough sleep, because adequate rest is essential for our emotional and physical well-being, and it is important for enjoying a good mood.

Related to good rest, there are two other elements that contribute to developing a good mood. One is to eat healthy and maintain a balanced diet, which provides the nutrients needed to maintain a good mood. As can be guessed, it is important to get physical exercise to boost our overall health and to take time for ourselves in an activity that is – at the same time – enjoyable.

Surrounding yourself with positive people, developing bonds, also contributes to developing that quality, as well as learning to manage stress and developing techniques to face difficulties in a positive way.

Self-care, being kind to ourselves, accepting ourselves as we are, with our strengths and with the aspects of ourselves that we want to improve, is one of the factors that ultimately lead to happiness. Seeing it as a process, not an objective. to receive.

Surely there are days when it seems that our good mood has left us, or there are times in our lives when circumstances are too painful or overwhelming. At a time when we need it most, good humor is most elusive.

In those moments, it can be useful to look for a movie or a comedy series, read a book or follow a podcast that makes you smile, call the person who always makes you laugh, and save that part of you that They are not afraid. The scoffer, who knows how to laugh at himself and who can find the positive side of any situation, no matter how difficult.

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