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Keeping guinea pigs is a common practice in areas of Peru. Photo: Rachana LR/Daily Mail/Andina

Entrepreneurship has the power to change lives, as demonstrated Bella Lynn, Who, at the age of 17, became one of the youngest businesswomen of her country and became famous in the international media. Their innovative project focuses on providing support to owners with parenting Guinea pigs, has allowed him to generate an income of over $400,000. This success has come since he started marketing his invention through e-commerce platforms Amazon,

Learn about his story below and how he came up with the idea of ​​building a ‘luxury’ cage for guinea pigs, an idea that has made him a successful entrepreneur at a young age today.

A ‘luxury’ cage for guinea pigs, the invention that took the Amazon by storm

When she was only 12 years old, Bella Lynn’s family raised guinea pigs – also known as guinea pigs – and they let them run free in the backyard; However, as the days passed, the animals began to disappear as an eagle was carrying them off. Therefore, they had no option but to lock them in cages. This situation saddened the entrepreneur, who was a girl at the time, because she had become used to seeing them free.

The Bella Lynn Guinea Pig Cage also features biodegradable elements. Photo: Daily Mail

This is how he started his great project in 2022 and invested $2,000 of his savings to launch his GiniLoft product and sell it on Amazon. In just two weeks, 100 cages were sold, so he had to make many more. By 2023 it had sold over 11,000 cages and became successful on Amazon. And last year alone they reported a monthly income of $34,000 per month; That is, it earned more than $410,000 per year.

As is known, traditional cages for guinea pigs are made of bars, roofs, and canvas or plastic bottoms, and can be difficult to clean and even smelly, whereas the Bella Lynn The ‘luxury’ cages have glass enclosures and open floors for better visibility and mobility of the animals.

Guinea pigs have more mobility and freedom in cages. Photo: Daily Mail

Bella Lynn is currently a senior at Khan Lab School in California, works 20 hours a week on her business, and has considered delaying college to focus on her company GiniLoft, which has six employees. It has also expanded its product catalog, as it now offers special cages for rabbits and hamsters.

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