Build and strengthen your ‘moi’, the Japanese secret of true friendship that ensures your mental and spiritual well-being

We come into the world with a biological family, but there is another cycle that we consciously create throughout our lives. It is formed Friends whom we choose as traveling companions, they are ours spiritual circleOur security network.

There is one on the Japanese island of Okinawa and the Kagoshima Peninsula. The tradition is called ‘moi’, This is an informal group people with similar interests who help each other,

Moi, Spiritual Circle of Solidarity

in our book ikigai (Urano Publishing House), co-written with Héctor García, We were talking about this institution that has its origins in the times of famine, when farmers would gather and fight with each other if the harvest was not good that year. Used to help. In today’s Japan, these circles of solidarity still exist They meet weekly to chat, play games and celebrate birthdaysbut also for solve problems Of any member. To become a member, you have to pay a small monthly amount and, when someone in the circle has difficulties, they are helped from the group’s savings.

friendship tablefriendship table

Anyone who belongs to ‘Moi’ knows that he has the support of the group And he is sure that they will not let him fall. At the opposite extreme are those who feel alone and forgotten.

Also, being part of Moi makes you Responsible for the well-being and happiness of others,

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