Israel – Hamas war live: news and attacks in Yemen from the US and UK

The Houthis are unaffected by the US attacks because Netanyahu rejects the creation of a Palestinian state. This is what you need to know

Houthi rebels fired missiles at another US-owned commercial ship on Thursday, just hours after a new round of US military strikes against the Iran-backed group in Yemen.

No injuries or damage were reported after the Houthis fired two anti-ship ballistic missiles at the ship, the third such attack on a US-owned ship this week.

The development comes after Houthi spokesman Mohammed Abdul Salam described the US-led attacks in Yemen as a “continued act of aggression” aimed at Israel’s security.

He also said the Houthis would not stop launching attacks against ships they claimed were “Israeli-linked.”

US President Joe Biden acknowledged on Thursday that US strikes against the Houthis were not stopping the group’s attacks in the Red Sea, but said US strikes would continue.

Here is the latest information on Israel’s war against Hamas:

Palestinian State: US officials said they would not let Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s clear rejection of Palestinian sovereignty stop them from pressing their Israeli counterparts on the issue. Netanyahu said on Thursday that the idea of ​​creating a Palestinian state would conflict with Israel’s security. In response to Netanyahu’s comments, a spokesman for the Palestinian Authority president said that without a Palestinian state there would be no security or stability in the Middle East.

Bodies removed: Israeli forces seriously damaged a cemetery in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza earlier this week, digging up and removing bodies, Israel Defense Forces told CNN, after it was taken hostage by Hamas during the October 7 terrorist attacks. It was part of a search for the remains of hostages taken. Images of the cemetery show that the area has been razed, graves damaged and destroyed, and human remains exposed after the IDF conducted operations in the area.

Internet Blackout: Gaza has suffered an almost complete communications blackout for a week – the longest of the war so far – with no signs of ending. “It is almost impossible to do the work we need to do,” said a UN agency official.

Research Request: Mexico and Chile are asking the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate whether crimes have been committed in the Palestinian territories, whether by “agents of the occupying power or by the occupying forces,” the Mexican Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Thursday. By “agents of power”. ,

Gaza death toll rises: Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7 have killed at least 24,620 people and injured another 61,830, according to the strip’s Hamas-run health ministry. CNN cannot independently verify these numbers.

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