Bella Thorne to make directorial debut about a gay man in the Bible Belt

Bella Thorne at the IMDB Portrait Studio at Acura Festival Village, the venue for Sundance 2023Photo by Corey Nichols/Getty Images for IMDb

Bella Thorne is adding another skill to her professional portfolio this year. The actress is set to make her directorial debut with the film titled color your hurt , The true story of a young gay man who grew up in the Bible Belt.

Will make her directorial debut with Bella Thorne color your hurt

The actress started making color your hurt,The casting process is already underway. Meanwhile, filming is currently underway in the Midwest and Italy in the spring of 2024.

The project is based on Thorne’s original screenplay and a short film he created Unstable. He created it in June 2023 with producers Jane Gatien and Eddie Alcazar. It was then edited by Ron Dulin, with additional editing by Afonso Gonçalves. He did this project when he made his short film debut paint it red At the Taormina Film Festival.

color your hurt Gatien by David Lipper and Robert A. Will produced with Daley Jr., Danny Dues and Mark Ames. On the other hand, Adam Siegal and CG Lewis will serve as executive producers of the project.

This is not the first time that the game of love star worked with some color your hurtCreator of. He previously worked with Sigal, Druze and Lipper Tower, Which is now in post-production.

Thorne has also previously worked with Gatien midnight Sun, Eventually, he had a professional association with Alcazar with the film 2023 divinity,

Lipper said, “Bella is remarkably talented, and Bob Daly and I want to support her vision in a very important story that needs to be told.”

He said the film is an “exciting” chapter in his career.

On Instagram, the actress reflected on the recent accomplishment. Speaking openly about her feelings, Thorne said she was “very excited and grateful” to be working closely with the film’s cast. Later, Thorne revealed that she was “so honored to tell this incredible true story.”

,color your hurt It’s not just a script; This is one of the most inspiring projects I have ever written. As I step into my new role as a film director, this marks the beginning of a truly impressive and exciting chapter in my career. “I couldn’t be more honored to tell a true story that has moments I deeply connect with,” Thorne said.

Recently, many of his fans assumed that he would have a cameo role in season three white lotus, However, Thorne wasn’t exactly one to spill the tea. During her interview with The Messenger, she said that she couldn’t really give more details about it.

“I cannot say anything. Not a single word came out of my mouth,” he said. “But I will say that I love (creator) Mike White. He is amazing. I’m a big supporter of Mike White and I’ll leave it at that.”

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