Bellingham gets two-match suspension for red card in Valencia

The RFEF Disciplinary Committee gave Jude Bellingham a two-game sanction for his expulsion against Valencia.

Madrid–Disciplinary Committee of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) accepted with two games to the English player of real madrid jude bellinghamFor his elimination with a straight red at the end of the final day’s match Valencia,

The committee’s resolution rejects these allegations real Madrid in defense of bellingham And in the application of Article 144 of the RFEF Disciplinary Code, Madrid fines the player two matches for contempt or inconsiderate attitude towards the referee, plus an additional fine of 700 euros for the club and 600 euros for the player.

Bellingham headed a Brahim Diaz cross into the net, making it 2–3, with the referee signaling the end of the match without validating the goal, and was subsequently sent off with a straight red card. Went. “In an aggressive attitude and shouting”, according to the arbitration report.

“After the match was over and still on the field of play, he ran towards me aggressively, shouting and repeating ‘this is a rubbish goal’ several times,” Gill said in the minutes.

Real Madrid alleged the existence of a clear physical error after denying the aggressive attitude towards the player reported by the referee in the minutes and stating that Bellingham addressed the referee only once, not on multiple occasions, and video evidence of the facts. Provided.

The club also argued that the expression ‘It’s a rubbish goal’, translated as ‘It’s a rubbish goal’, was offensive or insulting and said that this would not be the case if the literal translation was chosen (“It’s a rubbish goal”). ). goal”), as these are perfectly accepted expressions in common language.

For the Committee, repeated viewing of the images “does not allow to conclude, beyond any doubt, that the action that led to the expulsion did not occur as described by the referee and, ultimately, the material fact that appeared in the arbitration story. Proves error”.

In particular, he says that he was not allowed to conclude that the player was not shouting, because he was not heard at any time, and that he did not repeat the expression ‘It’s a rubbish goal’ multiple times, because The cut lasts 11 seconds. And it doesn’t show what happened right before, and his attitude was not aggressive.

“All this (the tone and attitude of the player and the number of times the phrase is repeated) is decisive in contextualizing the action and effect of the specific words spoken by the player, beyond their literal translation. If this body is the disciplinary body the club’s version accepts, which, as stated, does not reach the required threshold of proof, it will constitute a replacement for the work of the referee which is not in line with it,” the resolution concluded.

The punishment against Bellingham, which can be appealed before the Appeal Committee, will prevent him from playing the next two league matches, next Sunday against Celta at the Bernabéu and Saturday’s round of 16 against Osasuna in Pamplona. Will be stopped from playing.

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