The most effective technique to teach your brain to keep you happy according to neuroscience

“If we leave Brain For this free willBus won’t understand what to doIt would be like a computer without programs,” explains Ana Asensio, psychologist and doctor in neuroscience, After the success of positive lifejust published neuro Happiness (Roca Editorial, 2024) A manual to know in depth the mechanisms that move the pink organ – not the brown – of the human being. Although very intelligent, He’s not as smart as he thinks, “Brain need willpower and from one metacognitive activity To guide its execution,” he explains.

How to teach your brain to make you happy, according to neuroscience

In this Brain “They co-exist the part that thinksHe take a decision (directed or own), with unconscious part (subcortical but full of experiences and memories), which contains many types of fears. The other part that defines who we are and how we are remains there too: the insula And this shining barkAnd this amygdalaPsychologists say, “Where the feelings of vigilance and fear reside in the most animal and primitive state.” The interrelation of all these parts forms We can’t always be rational when making decisionsthat our emotions are very stronglet them attack us Negative thoughts, etc. However, we can help you. As? “We have to tell you exactly the path we want to follow, we have to give it a action guide“.With perseverance we can achieve that create new routes more in line with Attitudes, thoughts and habits that make us Happy,

Techniques to Improve Your Life: Positive Affirmations

According to ana asensio This has a huge impact on the way we talk to him. It has to be done”In the present, in the affirmative and if possible in the first person“. Furthermore, “we must word it out, even write it out:Writing is the perfect way to change our thoughts and brain pathways and gradually put them into action.” positive affirmation technique It is one of the most used. A positive affirmation this is a Positive thinking what do you choose Intentionally Experts suggest that to present this in your mind, create a new thought path that can be an alternative path to the current thought that is hurting you. “That positive thought will redirect the lens and focus of our brain’s camera.” We will tell you in which direction we want to move, To do this it is important to be realistic and enforce these rulesAs psychologists explain:

  • you have to talk to your brain first person So that it becomes your identity and you feel that this idea depends on what you do or think, not on things that you want others to change and that do not depend on you.
  • you have to phrase currently Because it’s like signaling to the brain that we want this to happen already.
  • must have statements strong positive sentiment,
  • It is important that you put written Affirmation as you create paths with greater awareness.
  • Like any habit, requires perseverance Repeat the love message as many times as necessary.

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