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Why is it convenient to do strength exercises?

When people over 100 are asked what the secret to longevity is, the answers vary. According to Jessie Galen, a woman who lived to be 109, the secret to her long life was to “stay away from men.” For another centenary of olive netting, this included “one guinea per day”. ... Read more

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Are ethics in aesthetic medicine disappearing?

Aesthetic Medicine: Is Ethics Fading? The increase in demand for aesthetic medicine has opened the door to the possibility that, in some cases, medical perspective and ethics may be lost., promoting the sector as a private business that understands and follows the numbers. The latest SEME report shows that more ... Read more

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Scientific research shows that “acquaintances” are as important to emotional well-being as friends and family.

in this news human life It is full of different types of relationships: LoveOf Work, Relativeand many others who weave densely interaction network What defines and shapes us. In this network, we usually highlight friends and family as the greatest exponents of support and affection. However, recently scientific investigation Challenging ... Read more

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