Best 5 rotations for MLB 2024

The 2024 calendar started saying goodbye to its first days. A fact that dreams of the arrival in the training fields of the main personalities in a few weeks big league (MLB).

In-spite of this, mlb It continues to drop very exciting news, thanks to the signing of very talented players present in free agency,

So far los angeles dodgers They managed to sign two pieces that were listed on the market. arrival of the japanese shohei ohtani And yoshinobu yamamoto Make California franchise the biggest favorite world Series,

However, even with the arrival of these two brilliant pitchers, the organization dodgers is not at the top of an important list of mlb,

Best starting rotation in MLB

The list is headed atlanta braves, the team with the most wins during a heavy season. A rotation that had the most hits (66) and was third in strikeouts (970) during 2023. Although they didn’t lose any key players during the offseason, they did manage to add a left-hander chris saleA hand with experience and quality.

are located in another place philadelphia phillies, an organization with 53 smiles for its debut players in 2023. What was very notable about the Phillies was the number of innings pitched by the starters (899.0), the third best mark in the entire tournament, indicating the quality of the work. For its part, Philadelphia ranked fifth in WHIP (1.22), tenth in AVE (.245), and sixth in strikeouts (864).

The first surprise was upon seeing dodgers Third place with its powerful starters. In 2023, the franchise finished 20th in ERA (4.57), eighth in AVE (.244) and seventh in WHIP (1.22). Numbers that affected the above situation, but it should undoubtedly improve with the arrival of the Japanese.

Yes miami marlins managed to reach the postseason in 2023, which had a lot to do with the leadership of its starting rotation sandy alcantara, Despite not achieving the same 2022 season, the Dominican and his teammates had the eighth-best ERA (4.09). Although they haven’t added arms yet during the offseason, with an improved season from Alcantara, the Marlins could put up good numbers in 2024.

The second surprise in the top 5 was cincinnati reds, Despite failing to advance to the postseason, the starting staff Reds managed to overtake houston, Yankees And ranger people, If pitching during a portion of the season cincinnati fell, now they will be able to rely on the services of frankie montasA very quality hand.

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