Best artificial intelligence apps for my android mobile

The issue of artificial intelligence will emerge even more strongly in 2024. For this reason, it is advisable to go ahead and take full advantage of the benefits that this tool can offer us. You have a weekly newsletter on this matter on LinkedIn.

In such a situation, below we have some apps that can help you in endless tasks from your mobile. especially Apart from ChatGPT, there are some that you should not miss to try, Here is our list.


chatgpt for android
chatgpt for android

Everyone is listening artificial intelligence We can automatically connect it with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, and that’s because it is the leading GPT of the entire artificial intelligence market. Be careful, and it is no coincidence, because its operation has made many people have a good opinion about it.

Despite a desktop version being available, We can also find it available for mobile phones Free Android in Play Store. Although it has a free version, there are people who want to be able to use its latest version, known as GPT-4, and they can purchase it for a monthly fee of 20 euros per month.

Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft CoPilot for Android
Microsoft CoPilot for Android

Microsoft has finally put its name on the table The Great Race to Be the Best Search Engine on the WebIt can be said that Co-Pilot app which is available for free on Play Store for Android phones.

For its part, this app in its free version offers some additional advantages compared to the AI ​​developed by OpenAI. Since, using GPT-4 function is You will not have to pay any kind of subscription, In addition, we will have full access to the Dall-E 3 and with it we will have the possibility to generate images with minimal consideration.

google bard

Google Bard in its web version
Google Bard in its web version

It can be said that this application offers the same basic capabilities of ChatGPT, but it is the version created by the giant Internet company we all know as Google. But, for its part, this chatbot Can help us find more accurate information In collaboration with Google search engine.

Compared to those mentioned above, Bard does not have the ability to generate images from scratch. The only detail about it is that there is still no application available in the Play Store, but You can access through the Google interfaceSince Android phones have this browser as default.


Replica for Android
Replica for Android

This is an artificial intelligence The main mission is to be our virtual friendThere is a fully animated character that we can modify to our liking, from his physical characteristics to the color of his eyes.

Additionally, we will have the possibility to add other Our virtual friend serves a monthly payment of 8 euros, and we can find it for free in the Play Store. Furthermore, it can give you the ability to become our loving companion and even advisor on a specific topic.

This is an excellent option for people who have difficulty relating to other people, as you will be able to get Thanks to the very interesting interface of this artificial intelligence, it is quite a pleasant and fun timeIt even has the ability to play games with it.

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