best? He restored the Toyota pickup that revolutionized the 4×4 segment

With more than 55 years on the market, the fourth generation of the successful Toyota pickup marked an era. Look at the condition of this unique model of the world.


one more time, toyota pickup news, This time it is not a new generation or special edition that the Japanese manufacturer is planning to launch in the market. Nor is it an update of the model, much less a preview of a concept that will enter a new segment for the brand in the short term.

regular readers of world transportation You may know that we love to publish stories about vintage models, whether trucks or pickups, or some of those classic units that were marked before and after and that have been restored or preserved today to such an extent that they Don’t even know what asphalt is.

On this occasion, we got an extraordinary model that was known as Toyota Pickup in some markets like the United States but is actually called Hilux around the world. A truck that became one of the team’s most respected trucks top Gear, threw one off the building to see if it still worked. And he did it (see) Video,


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As you’ll see in the images, very few Toyota pickup trucks are in the same condition as this unit, especially because the vast majority had hard experience on farms or even had a few dealers in their hands that helped them mule. Had taken more than.

This led to a certain shortage of genuine and collectible examples, so if there is a Toyota pickup truck like the one in this article, it will almost certainly be worth equal to or more. Tacoma (North American Hilux) of the latest generation.

Hilux, the indestructible Toyota pickup

Toyota first launched Hilux Introduced in 1968 as a small rear-wheel drive station wagon that was economical to buy and run, The model slowly gained popularity, but it was not until the third generation was released in 1978 with a four-wheel drive option that the world really began to see it in a different light.


The simple body design of the third generation was captured by Minoru Oya, whose front was completely redesigned and had little in common with its predecessor, but this new design would Will have a profound impact on all new Hilux models in future.

The fourth generation appeared in 1983 and, more importantly, equipped an all-wheel drive version of the Toyota pickup from 1986. Independent front suspension as standard Instead of torsion shaft. This transformed handling on the road and in adverse terrain, which became a feature of all new Hilux off-road vehicles.

That’s why this 1986 Toyota 4×4 pickup is one of the cleanest examples of this model found in recent times. Akshay, In fact, it almost looks like a new unit and that’s because it was fully restored It featured beige paint with period decals on both sides, chrome roll bar with twin headlights and chrome wheels shod with BF Goodrich all-terrain tyres.


This version responds to the model “ExtraCab” That added extra space inside the cabin (the cargo box was shortened slightly), providing much-needed additional storage space behind the seats for bags or equipment that users liked to carry with them.

Inside, nothing changes and everything looks the same as the original model (except the audio equipment). Upholstery and carpet in various shades of brown, The decals on the windshield and even the one that explains how to use the four-wheel drive connection.


As expected, this generation did not have modern direct injection turbodiesel engines, but it did have highly desirable features. 105 horsepower 2.4-liter SOHC four-cylinder gasoline engine with EFI fuel injection, Mated to a three-speed automatic transmission.

As we found out, this impeccable unit was auctioned off rm sotheby’sThe site that sells original or restored classic models in the United States at the best prices $30,000.

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