Bill Gates explains how AI will change our lives in 5 years

(CNN) — It’s no secret that Bill Gates is passionate about artificial intelligence, and he now predicts that the technology will be transformative for everyone in the next five years.

The rise of artificial intelligence has raised fears that this technology will eliminate millions of jobs around the world. The International Monetary Fund reported this week that the rise of AI could impact nearly 40% of jobs worldwide.

Gates doesn’t necessarily disagree with that idea, but he believes history shows that with every new technology comes fear and then new opportunity.

“Just like we did with agricultural productivity in 1900, people were wondering, ‘Hey, what are people going to do?’ In fact, many new things were created, many new job categories, and we are in a much better position than we were when everyone was doing farming work,” Gates said. “That’s how it will be.”

In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on Tuesday, Gates predicted that AI will make everyone’s life easier, specifically pointing to helping doctors with their paperwork, which “takes that work away.” That’s the part they don’t like.” “We can make it very efficient.”

Since “a lot of new hardware” isn’t needed, Gates said, access to AI will be “through a phone or a PC that you already have connected through an Internet connection.”

He also said that the improvements to OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 were “fantastic” because it “can essentially read and write”, so it is “almost like a white-collar worker who will teach you, give you health advice, tell you how to write.” “Will help.” Code, help with support calls.” He said it would be “fantastic” to incorporate that technology into educational or medical fields.

Microsoft maintains a multi-million dollar partnership with OpenAI. Gates remains one of Microsoft’s largest shareholders.

“The goal of the Gates Foundation is to ensure that the gap between benefits reaching people in poor countries and reaching those in rich countries is greatly reduced,” Gates told Zakaria in Davos on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum. “After all, the shortage of doctors and teachers is far more serious in Africa than in the West.”

The IMF took a much less optimistic outlook in its report this week. The group claimed that AI will worsen inequality if there is no intervention from politicians.

donate your money

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Gates is worth $140 billion, making him the fourth richest person on the planet. But he would probably still be the richest man in the world if he hadn’t promised to donate all his money to charity.

Gates told CNN that he is not worried about losing his wealth.

When Zacharias asked him how his philanthropic efforts were going, Gates said, “I have more than enough money for my own consumption.” “I’m working hard to get down the list and I’ll be proud when I get all the way down.”

The Microsoft co-founder and his ex-wife, Melinda French Gates, have pledged to donate the majority of their wealth to the foundation they created together 20 years ago, as well as other philanthropic initiatives.

In 2022, Gates announced the foundation’s intention to donate $9 billion annually by 2026. He said he was “excited that it will have such an impact” on the organizations he will donate to.

He said he and partners like Warren Buffett have donated about $100 billion to his foundation. At a rate of $9 billion a year, Gates expects to give away all his money in about 20 years.

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