Billie Eilish attacks this unnatural practice of Beyonce, Taylor Swift and many other artists

Billie Eilish has warned about the environmental impact of vinyl.
WWD/WWD via Getty Images Billie Eilish has warned about the environmental impact of vinyl.

WWD/WWD via Getty Images

Billie Eilish has warned about the environmental impact of vinyl.

Culture – Billie Eilish has often proven her commitment to ecological causes. Concerts, conferences on climate… At 22, Billie Eilish does not hesitate to fully integrate protecting the environment into her career. After attending the free concert on June 22, 2023 power our planet In Paris, she continues her fight, this time in her own industry.

In an interview with American magazine BoardInterpreter of Dear Be mindful of vinyl’s impact on the environment. Even though streaming is king, vinyl has come back into vogue in recent years. Aware of this trend, more and more artists are releasing albums in this older format.

“We live in a time where, for one reason or another, it is very important for certain artists to produce all kinds of different vinyl and packaging. (…) I can’t even tell you how much this sucks.” she explained Board,

Produce vinyl, yes, but sustainably

Billie Eilish highlights the fact that the most influential artists on the planet use this practice. Like the great Taylor Swift, whose vinyls are loved by many fans. In January 2024, Board Published an article reporting that the singer’s vinyl sales in the United States alone would reach 3.5 million in 2023.

“It bothers me that we’re still at the point where we’re worried about numbers and money – and it’s all your favorite artists who are doing this shit.” the interpreter declares ocean eyes,

Far from considering stopping their production, she merely warns about their unsustainable manufacturing method. Board It also specifies that the album “Happier Than Ever” by Billie Eilish. Available in eight vinyl variations » but that singer uses “100% recycled black vinyl – as well as recycled scrap for colored variants – and a shrink film made from sugarcane” For its design.

billie eilish, worker since childhood

Interviewed by the magazine with her mother Maggie Baird, Billie Eilish admitted that she and her brother Finneas were aware of environmental issues from a very young age. “It was very normal. My mom started making these bags out of a variety of beautiful fabrics and ribbons and that’s how all our gifts for Christmas and my birthday were wrapped.” She says.

As soon as he entered the music industry, his mother immediately took up the ecological issue. “When you’re a small artist, when you have no power or money, you say to yourself: ‘Wait, why do we have all this plastic behind the scenes.’ or ‘Why drive like that?’ (…) And the answer is: ‘Well, that’s what happens.'” He continued to fight to defend his values ​​and eventually found allies who listened to him.

“What really helped me was when someone said to me, ‘You need to talk to Chris Martin (of Coldplay).’ He introduced me to Chris, who was great. Then Chris put me in touch with REVERB (an NGO dedicated to solving environmental problems in the music industry), and REVERB was a real game changer for us. “They had the ability to help us know what to change and how to communicate.”,

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