María Corina Machado affirms that there is still time to change the presidential candidate: “The battle is being fought”

Maria Corina Machado’s message says there is still time to change the presidential candidate

Venezuelan opposition leader Maria Corina Machado He said this Sunday that the electoral program for the July 28 presidential elections establishes the replacement of candidates up to ten days before the process, for which he asked for confidence from his followers. “It is not true that they (Chavismo) can do whatever they want and impose their conditions on us by changing the rules, violating the Constitution. The laws are very clear: We have till 10 days before July 28 to change the candidate and the fight is on, Now is the time,” he indicated in a video published on X.

Machado asked his followers to maintain confidence No one will divert him from the path to “clean and free elections, where I or Corinna Yvoris will be the presidential candidate”.

The former deputy, disqualified from holding elected office, abandoned the candidacy to historian Yoris, who could not even be registered by the main anti-Chavista coalition, the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD).

The voting schedule, published by the National Electoral Council (CNE), establishes the replacement of candidates, who are reflected in the electoral ballot between 1 and 20 April of the same month. Subsequently, between April 28 and July 18, replacement of candidates can be made, without this change being reflected in the voting ballot, always according to the CNE schedule.

Machado stressed that on October 22, when the opposition held primary elections for the presidency, in which she was the winner, Venezuelans expressed their desire “to break with the old policy and in favor of change.” “We have given ourselves a mandate and we will not allow them to betray it,” he said.


Last Tuesday, the PUD reported the provisional registration of Edmundo González Urrutia, which can be changed from April 1, as long as he has no administrative approval or obstacles contemplated by law, and the CNE accepts that candidacy. which replaces it.

In his speech, Machado also highlighted the challenges and obstacles faced on this difficult path, including declines, defeats and great losses. However, rather than weakening the fighting spirit, these adversities have served to strengthen social and national unity, uniting Venezuelans around the truth. “We have found ourselves in the truth and it is the truth that will set us free.”The political leader stressed the need to focus on moving forward with greater determination.

To further strengthen the struggle, Machado urged the unification of the “600 K” platform and its expansion Grand National Alliance, with the aim of setting up thousands of aid commands inside and outside Venezuela. He assured that, despite fatigue, it is necessary to continue moving forward, reiterating his confidence in the Venezuelan people and their ability to overcome obstacles.

In conclusion, Machado expressed his deep confidence in Venezuela and its citizens and invited everyone to step up their efforts and contributions at this critical moment. “Our country needs us today”

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