Billie Eilish gets angry after a question about her coming out –

Billie Eilish expressed irritation at the question about coming out: “Stop bothering me with it.”

He shared his dissatisfaction on Instagram after an excerpt from an interview was broadcast. Diversity » Where she talks about her coming out.

An Intimate Revelation About Billie Eilish’s Sexual Attraction

billie eilish Revealed his attraction to women in his interview with Variety on November 13. She says: ” I never really felt like I could connect with girls. I like them as people and I’m attracted to them as people. I have deep relationships with the women in my life, friends in my life, family in my life. They are physically attracted to me. But I am also very intimidated by them, by their beauty and by their presence ,

Billie Eilish: Clarification on her sexual orientation during ‘Hitmakers’ evening

Billie Eilish attended Variety’s ‘Hitmakers’ party, where she received the trophy for Best Song from a Motion Picture for the film ‘What Was I Made For’. barbie, A reporter from the magazine asked him a question about his November 13 interview, where he spoke about his attraction to women. She asks him if it is a gay woman who is coming out. Billie Eilish responded candidly: ” Was it not obvious? I don’t understand that people don’t know this. I don’t really believe it. I’m just like, “Why can’t we exist , I’ve been doing this for a long time and I haven’t talked about it ,


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