He has warned of strict measures against migrants

A group of foreigners on board the US waiting for the opportunity to surrender to Border Patrol agents

The international organization Human Rights Watch called on President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to reject any new US proposal that would increase expulsions of asylum seekers to Mexico, as President Joe Biden and members of Congress push for “draconian new immigration measures”. are considering. Which would violate international human rights standards and harm thousands of migrants and asylum seekers.

Ahead of the meeting held yesterday in Washington, DC, the request was made through a letter by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Alicia Bárcena, and the Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken, in which the official American highlighted the United States , A new era of cooperation between Mexico and Guatemala.

The organization warned that congressional lawmakers could impose “tough new restrictions on immigration in exchange for their support in authorizing more than $100 billion in aid funding for Ukraine and Israel as part of United States federal budget negotiations through 2024.” ” has been proposed.

He said proposals under consideration include creating a new rule that would allow U.S. immigration officials to expel asylum seekers without hearing their claims, similar to the now-expired Title 42 border removal policy, which took effect in May. Expired in 2023, will be banned as well. Humanitarian parole program that allows Cubans, Haitians, Venezuelans, and Nicaraguans to apply for permission to travel to the United States legally.

‘Transit Restrictions’

32,000 troops have been deployed and countless immigration checkpoints have been set up across the country: HRW

The proposals also include making permanent the Donald Trump administration’s revised “no transit” rule, which requires asylum seekers to show proof they traveled through another country on their way to the United States.

“President López Obrador has an opportunity to protect the rights of thousands of vulnerable migrants and asylum seekers, mostly Latin Americans, by refusing to reach another agreement that would allow the United States to summarily expel people to Mexico ”

Juanita Goeberts, Americas director of Human Rights Watch

He had already requested asylum in that country and been rejected.

But, any new policy regarding expulsions of migrants and asylum seekers to Mexico will require Mexican government involvement, as Mexican authorities will need to allow expelled migrants to enter the country.

“President López Obrador has an opportunity to protect the rights of thousands of vulnerable migrants and asylum seekers, mostly Latin Americans, by refusing to reach another agreement that allows the United States to expel people to Mexico, ” said Juanita Goeberts, director. Human Rights Watch of the Americas.

cartel goals

Human Rights Watch reminded that the López Obrador administration committed the United States to expelling non-Mexican migrants and asylum seekers from Mexico starting in 2019 under a series of agreements, including remaining in the Mexico program of the Migrant Protection Protocols. Permission was given. (MPP) and, later, Title 42 policy.

“People expelled to Mexico under these policies are routinely targeted by cartels and corrupt officials for serious abuses, including kidnapping, extortion, robbery, sexual assault, and murder. “Crimes against migrants are rarely reported, investigated or punished,” the organization highlighted.

López Obrador has stepped up his efforts to prevent migrants from traveling through Mexico to reach the United States, deploying more than 32,000 troops to conduct immigration controls and interior immigration checkpoints across the country .


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