Bills to cash in on Taylor Swift against the Chiefs with special meal for Swifties

TeaOho buffalo bill Plan to monetize this fact Taylor Swift What can be expected at Highmark Stadium on Sunday when kansas city chiefs visit josh allen For & Company AFC Divisional Round, They’ll be selling Swifties-themed food, even though it’s unclear whether the popstar will be in attendance.

delaware north is the company that provides snacks and main dishes for Highmark Stadium throughout the season. Earlier this week, they announced two new Swift-inspired options.

AI takes Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce and time travels them to the movie ‘Grease’

“Bad Blood Waffle Fries” include a tower of fries topped with food staples of Buffalo and Kansas City like blue cheese and BBQ pork.

There will also be a “Karma Quesadilla” – chicken tenders with bacon and pork belly – available.

Hailee Steinfeld doesn’t get the Taylor Swift treatment

Hailee SteinfeldAllen’s girlfriend may be feeling kind of like she never got the same treatment as Swift, who is dating a guy on the Chiefs.

Trying to make money on Swift is distasteful in itself, especially when no other power couple in the building receives as much media attention.

If the Bills win, no one will care that they sold Swift-themed food. However, should Chiefs walk out with a win could become a point of discussion.


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