Borja Moreno New director of the Institute of Legal Medicine of Ceuta

The doctor will be on secondment for six months with the option of one year extension

Palma forensic doctor Borja Moreno Vilchez (Alda, 1984) has been appointed the new director of the Institute of Legal Medicine of Ceuta. it’s about yousecond term of six months With the option to extend it by one year.

“I have always liked the management model of legal medical institutions,” says the doctor, who has already settled in the Spanish city in North Africa. Moreno will manage a team composed of three forensic doctors In a population of 84,000 inhabitants.

This work will be different to what I was used to in Mallorca. ,There will be very specific types of deathsIssues that are not seen here such as age calculation among adults due to the issue of unaccompanied minors…”

The Balearic Islands were already “a challenge” for Moreno, who arrived a decade earlier. «I was at Manacor for seven years and then I decided to take over a leadership position that had opened in the gender and sexual violence unit here in Palma. This unit is not applicable in all legal medical institutions in Spain and This is a value I want to implement in Ceuta,

«There are many specific crimes in the islands, such as sexual violence. I think that in Ceuta I will face a strong intercultural conflict in all aspects: in gender violence, in sexual violence… There will be multiple autopsies on unidentified people, Coroner says deaths at Ceuta fence have “very significant” medico-legal implications nationally.


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