Breakout: How to access hidden minigames on Instagram?

Instagram has activated a feature that allows users to play personalized versions spread outsymbolic game of rustic Which was designed for the Atari console popular in the 1980s.

This unique tool aims to improve the experience in direct messages. It appeals to nostalgia among one of the social network’s strongest customer segments. Estimates published by database Statista indicate that 24.7% of the audience on the social network is between 35 and 54 years old, Instagram is one of those services social media Most used in the world with over 1.2 billion monthly active users.

how to reach spread out On Instagram?

Those interested in using the function must have the latest version of Instagram installed on their mobile devices, The resource is only available in Apps For iOS and Android. To activate it, simply open the Direct Message tray, select a conversation and send a message. emoji, The interface will automatically open the game when you touch it on the screen. The tool can also be activated by selecting the received emoticon.

He emoji replaces the ball spread out Original. The game works by sending a single icon and some of these elements add animations that add to the experience. The platform saves the highest score obtained and it is possible to beat it using the same or different emoticons.

The recipient of the message will not know that the author of the message is playing a game. even if he widget Works on iOS and Android, not all users have immediate access to the tool, so it is recommended to update the program to activate it.


Instagram has activated a feature that allows users to play personalized versions Spread.Courtesy Instagram

Instagram features you should know

The Meta-owned social network has launched a large number of tools that, in addition to meeting the entertainment needs of users, seek to improve the security conditions when using the platform.

The Mark Zuckerberg-led company announced last year that it would add a new function to its Account Center that allows users to disable the tracking of their activity on sites by Instagram algorithms. Web From third parties and other applications.

How to Disable Web Tracking on Instagram?

To customize or eliminate online activity tracking from Instagram, interested parties must enter the “Settings” section. In the first block of options, you need to select the “More information in the Account Center” button. A drop-down menu will appear in which you will find the section “Your information and permissions”. It has a “Your activity outside Meta Technologies” function, where users can manage the information collected by the platform. As a security measure, before performing any action, the service will ask you to enter the access password.

how to download Answer From Instagram?

Instagram head Adam Mosseri confirmed in November last year that the download button for Answer Published on the social network will be available to users around the world. The functions are simple to use. Just click on options reel Click on the arrow icon on the right and then select “Download”.

He reel It will be downloaded as a normal video in the photo gallery smart fone And will be watermarked with the author’s username and Instagram logo so that the original is clearly visible. For members under 18, the download option is set to private by default, even if the profile is public.


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