Brutal attack against a Venezuelan hawker sparks outrage at hospital in Lima (Video)

The victim testified for Buenos Dias Peru on Panamericana TV.

In the center of Lima, Peru, an unfortunate incident was recorded where inspectors attacked a Venezuelan businessman who was lying unconscious on the sidewalk.

by Panamericana TV

Derwin Enrique Segovia Gonzalez, a young man who sold sports clothing on an outpatient basis, was the victim of the attack. he contacted panamericana television To give a detailed description of the events.

“On Monday, around 5 pm, the truck arrived from the Lima Municipality. I pick up my goods and run towards my warehouse. At the same time, after reaching the warehouse, they take my goods. However, this was not enough for them, they grabbed me from behind, they asked for my identity document, as far as I understand they cannot ask for identity document because they are not police officers,” he declared.

moment of attack.

“Then they took me almost to Grau Avenue and before going inside they hit me here in the chest. I don’t know from whom, but he hit me in the chest and before hitting me in the chest he told me, ‘You have already lost, you have already lost, we will not give you anything.’ ” He added.

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