Business leaders are betting on generative AI amid expectations of big changes

Survey shows: 48% expect significant change due to generic AI in one to three years (illustrative image Infobae)

adoption of generative artificial intelligence (Generative AI) is leading a revolution in business and technology, showing before and after how organizations manage innovation and productivity. According to the report of the first quarter of January DeloitteNearly two-thirds (62%) of business and technology leaders express their Excitement about capabilities Transformative Generative AI,

Although this optimism is accompanied by Truth Uncertainty (30%), expectations of significant impacts over the next three years are high, with 79% of respondents expecting substantial change in their organizations and industries.

31% of managers surveyed expect significant changes in less than a year; 48%, one to three years.

According to a survey conducted with a total of 2,835 participants between October and December 2023, it asked when generative AI is likely to significantly transform organizations and their respective industries.

The results show a diverse distribution of expectations: a 1% think that Will never happenmeanwhile he Twenty% Consider that this change will happen more than three years, On the other end, 14% Respondents believe this change is occurring Nowand a 17% guess what will happen In less than a year.

Generative AI is a milestone in innovation and productivity, according to a Deloitte report. (pictorial image infobae)

represents the majority, 48%It is estimated that there will be significant changes in the interval of one to three yearsWhich suggests an expectation of change in the medium term in most of the organizations surveyed.

Organizations that have a high level of expertise Generative AI According to Deloitte, they have a more positive attitude towards technology. However, this confidence is also associated with a sense of pressure to adopt these technologies and to perceive oneself as one Potential threat to your current business model,

When consulting organizations to evaluate your current experience level regarding Generative Artificial Intelligence. The results show that a 1% Organizations consider this he has no experience On the subject, while a 10% he says passed a little experience, The majority of respondents, with a four five%Indicates a certain level of experience.

On the other hand, a 35% organizations believe they have a high experience In this area and just one 9% Rate your experience level as Very high,

These data show that, while a notable majority have at least basic knowledge of generative artificial intelligence, There is still a long way to go to reach most high or very high levels of experience in this area.

44% rate their organization’s experience in generative AI as high or very high, but is such experience possible given the pace of technology advancement?

What is notable is that as companies advance in their understanding and application Generative AIThe focus of their efforts has been more towards improving efficiency and productivity (56%) and reducing costs (35%). Instead of promoting innovation and development.

focus on this strategic advantage This is no surprise about strategic people Deloitte, Historically, organizations have first sought incremental improvements to their existing processes and capabilities with new technologies, and then, with time and greater confidence, Move towards more innovative and transformative reforms,

17% believe Generative AI will impact their industries in less than a year. (pictorial image infobae)

Organizations expect to realize several key benefits by implementing Generative Artificial Intelligence.

A 56% of them want to improve efficiency and productivityWhich is the main expectation.

Reduce Costs and Increase Revenue There are also important goals mentioned by 35% of organizations respectively.

Another important purpose, for 29% aim to improve products and services exists, and is also promoting Innovation and development.

increase speed and/or ease Develop new systems or software This is an expected benefit 26%as well as redeploy workers From low value tasks to high value tasks.

increase income A is expected by 25%Whereas improve customer relationships holds an important place in the list of priorities 23%.

He 19% Organizations expect to discover new ideas and approaches as additional benefits of generative AI. Finally, find out Fraud and risk management are cited by 18%,

An interesting section highlighted in the report states that almost three-quarters of organizations are highly specialized Generative AI They are already integrating this technology into their product development activities Research & Developmentkey drivers of innovation And this Development,

91% of all organizations expect their productivity to increase thanks to generic AI.

However, there is preparation to deal with the challenges associated with Generative AIespecially in areas of Talent, Government And risk, remains a weak point. survey of Deloitte finds that 41% of leaders believe their organizations are little or not at all prepared to address these concerns.

This scenario raises important questions How you can harness the power of artificial intelligence without losing control of itEspecially considering the potential of Generative AI To simulate human thought and behavior so convincingly.

Additionally, business and technology leaders expect significant social impact achieved by the widespread adoption of Generative AI, 52% expect an increase in the concentration of global economic power and 51% expect an increase in economic inequality. Faced with these challenges, these leaders have made a remarkable call for betterment Government regulation And global cooperation,

Deloitte points out that a 78% More of those surveyed consider it necessary Government regulationmeanwhile he 72% believing that the present is not enough global cooperation ensuring responsible development of systems operated by Aye,

Could generative AI be too powerful and far-reaching for individual organizations to regulate themselves?

He 72% business leaders They estimate that generative artificial intelligence will make significant changes in the strategies of Talent and Employees In the next two years. Although this technology promises to complement human capabilities across a wide range of activities, currently less than half (47%) Organizations are adequately preparing their employees on the capabilities and benefits of generic AI.

One of the main barriers identified is Lack of technical talent and skills specific for their effective adoption. This outlook highlights the urgent need for companies to educate and prepare their workforce for the impending changes that generic AI will bring to the labor market.

Report title “Now you decide next: Insights from the field leading to generic AI adoption(Make the Next Decision Now: Perspectives from the Front End of Generative AI Adoption) not only outlines the excitement and transformative expectations associated with generative AI, but also sheds light on what it means. Critical reflection and strategic planning is required to navigate its rapid growth and disruptive potential,

with Generative AI Moving forward rapidly, organizations are in a race to adapt, experiment and, ultimately, adapt. Thrive in this new era of technological innovation,

30% of those surveyed expressed uncertainty about the promises of generic AI. (pictorial image infobae)

The report, “Now Decides Next: Insights from the Leading Edge of Generative AI Adoption,” prepared by Deloitte for the first quarter of January 2024, was prepared by Deborshi Dutt, strategic leader of AI growth in the United States for the consulting firm. Costi Pericos, who leads the Global Generative AI office in the UK, Beena Ammanath, executive director of the Global AI Institute, and Brenna Snyderman, executive director of the Center for Integrated Research.

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