Cade Cowell arrives in Guadalajara to sign with Chivas

Chivas are gradually taking shape for the Clausura 2024 and this Saturday they received another reinforcement, because Cade Cowell is already in Guadalajara To operate under the orders of Fernando Gago of Argentina.

Born in California, but originally Mexican, Cowell The second new face of the holy herdAnd after getting ready, Tapatiya reached Pearl For stamp signatureTo be introduced and put to work and thus make his debut in Mexico, his mother’s land.

covel maldonado Flew from San Jose, California to Guadalajara And arrived at the first seconds of this Saturday to take you to your hotel to rest.

When will it be presented?

expected The offensive player will have a quiet day this Saturday, he will be fine and there is a possibility at night Attend Akron Stadium To watch the duel between Chivas and Santos Laguna, corresponding to day 1 Completion of 2024.

on Sunday Must undergo rigorous physical and medical tests and are expected to To train to be authoritative, firm and present Under the command of Fernando Gago.

Cowell arrives Back Agreement between Chivas and San Jose Earthquake And that’s why he broke concentration in Orlando, Florida with the United States national team to prepare to return to San Jose and go to Mexico.

He would sign for 4 years and his sale was for $4 million plus variables And the MLS team keeps a percentage of any future sales to Europe.

Cowell He was born in California and is the son of Mexican-born Amber Maldonado. And from there they took nationality, which is why they arrived in Guadalajara with their green passport.

The third registration will be of Javier Hernandez And the Chivas board is working on closing it down and making it official when it returns to Guadalajara after a 13-year absence.

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