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The Mexican-American forward has made a good start to his time with the Rabanos Sagrado, after making the transition to both ConcaChampions and Liga MX.

Cade Cowell is surprised by Chivas fans.
© imago7Cade Cowell is surprised by Chivas fans.

After creating a huge uproar with his arrival Chivas de GuadalajaraAttacker cad cowell I knew I couldn’t relax. It was his turn to showcase his abilities on the playground. First The Mexican-American scores in the game against Forge for the ConcaChampions, His income was also good, demonstrating his speed and determination; But Last weekend, the new signing experienced a very special day.

In the game against Pumas UNAM played at Akron Stadium, Chivas won, liked it, and lost 3–1. Marking was also a feature of the meeting Official return of Chicharito Hernandez With red and white shirt. But From a personal perspective, Cade Cowell had the good fortune to score his first goal for Liga MX.

After that meeting full of emotions, and in preparation for several matches that will be of great importance, Cade Cowell spoke for the Chivas program “We Got You”. In English, The attacker revealed his feelings about the win and Javier Hernández’s debut in the second tier with the club where he was born.

Cade Cowell’s first goal couldn’t have come in a better context

In addition to giving details about their adaptation and their daily life in Mexico, Cade Cowell seems very happy with the atmosphere at Flock Games. Regarding his first goal in Liga MX, the Mexican-American was emphatic: “This was definitely what I was waiting for since the first day I came here. obviously. So, honestly, I couldn’t be happier. I felt like it was a perfect play to do.”

Cowell knows that the meeting was also special because of the return home of the prodigal son: “A perfect moment too. Everyone was there for the chicha. It was a very special night.”, There, the forward took the opportunity to highlight the warmth that fans bring to Akron Stadium: “The fans were amazing the whole time. Everyone was singing. “The first goal of the game and getting my first goal and helping the team win, it was a great feeling to be honest.”Emphasis on the attacker.

Cade Cowell is surprised by Chivas fans

In an experience undoubtedly different from what he’s had in Major League Soccer, Cade Cowell enjoys the atmosphere generated in Liga MX stadiums. “Wherever we go, wherever we travel, there is a full stadium of Chivas fans. So obviously, the main difference is playing for Chivas. Everyone loves Chivas, so it doesn’t matter where we go. The hotel is amazing, the airport is amazing, it’s awesome. Whenever I am on the bus I always take a video showing my family. This is something I never thought about. It’s crazy, honestly, it’s so good.”The signatory for this Clausura 2024 said with surprise.

Cowell also indicated that he had other options to continue his career, although he ultimately chose Sacred Flock: “Obviously, there have been a lot of European offers in the last two years. You know, there’s a little bit of your head in it too. And then you see a big offer from a club like Chivas. It was almost surprising, to be honest. There were a lot of emotions. “I was so happy when it was all over.”Said, who already has three goals with the red and white shirt and hopefully he will be able to score more in the next game.

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