No, Ivermectin does not cure or prevent dengue and its use without medical indication may be risky to health.

Posts circulate on social networks that indicate: “Dengue is treated with ivermectin and prevention is done with ivermectin. Muniz Hospital Infectology” (sic), and then the publication gives an approximate recipe for how to take it.

However, this is a lie. There is no scientific evidence to support the use of ivermectin – an antiparasitic commonly used in animals – to treat or prevent this mosquito-borne disease. aedes aegypti, Moreover, consuming medicines without proper medical prescription can be risky for health.

In form of World Health Organization (WHO)“Misinformation and false information can harm people’s physical and mental health, and make it harder for them to get information from trusted sources and legitimate guidance at a time when it is most essential to making decisions.”

Posts giving misinformation were shared Facebook, x And InstagramViewed more than 300 thousand times and shared more than 2 thousand times.

Ivermectin cannot cure or prevent dengue.

Dengue is a viral disease spread mainly by the bite of the Aedes mosquito. aedes aegypti, When a mosquito drinks the blood of a person suffering from dengue and then bites other people, it transmits the virus to them. Since there is no specific treatment, the most important prevention measure is control of the mosquito vector.

“There is no information that allows us to confirm that ivermectin cures or prevents dengue. Conceptually, dengue is a viral disease and antiparasitics like ivermectin have no effect against the virus,” he explained. Checked Pablo Scarpellato, head of infectious diseases at Santojani Hospital.

Furthermore, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) states in its official website He “There is no specific medicine to treat dengue.”

The misinformation was also refuted by international fact checkers such as aff factual,

AFP Factual, advised by Karin Kopytowski, head of the Family and Community Medical Service Italian Hospital Other Presidents of Buenos Aires Argentine Federation of Family and General Medicine (FAMFyG) stated that “Some in vitro studies, that is, in the laboratory, not in humans, have suggested that ivermectin may have antiviral effects against dengue virus.”

And I add: “However, research is preliminary and there is no scientific consensus or recommendation for the use of ivermectin for dengue in humans. Based on robust and controlled clinical trials.”

The expert explained that “there is no specific cure for dengue” and that treatment of the disease is based on “relief of symptoms” and “management of the effects of the disease”. This includes hydration, “use of pain relievers for pain and fever, avoiding medications such as aspirin, which can increase the risk of bleeding.” In more severe cases, “supportive treatment is performed in the hospital to manage bleeding or more serious symptoms such as low blood pressure or shock,” Kopytowski said.

What are the tips to prevent dengue?

as we count this noteFor prevent There is a vaccine for dengue, developed by the Japanese laboratory Takeda in Argentina, which was approved by the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) in April 2023 for all people over 4 years of age, regardless of whether they have previously received it. Did it or not. Took the disease.

As of now, the vaccine is not included in the national vaccination calendar, it is available only in private vaccination centres. Some provinces, such as jumpStarted with a free vaccination scheme against the disease with doses obtained from provincial resources to be implemented on the population of the endemic area.

PAHO to eliminate mosquitoes recommended The following actions: Avoid collecting water in outdoor containers (pots, bottles or other containers that can collect water) so that they do not become breeding grounds for mosquitoes; Cover water tanks and reservoirs properly to keep them out; Avoid collecting garbage, put garbage in closed plastic bags.

“He aedes aegypti It prefers to lay eggs in artificial containers containing water (mainly drums, barrels and tyres) in and around homes, schools and workplaces. eggs of aedes aegypti “They can resist dry environmental conditions for more than a year: in fact, this is one of the most important strategies the species uses to survive and propagate,” explains PAHO.

And he warns: “Prevention and Control of dengue “It must be interregional and involve families and communities.”

What is Ivermectin and what are its uses?

As stated in this note, Ivermectin is an antiparasitic drug widely used in human and veterinary medicine. With defined dosages to maintain tolerance and safety patterns for known indications, it has been used in the legal market for more than 40 years.

Its wide availability and affordable price gave it new prominence during the pandemic, particularly after the publication of in vitro (in the laboratory) studies that indicated that ivermectin was a potential inhibitor of the viral replication of SARS-CoV-2, which The virus causes COVID-19.

However, although authorized clinical trials were conducted in other parts of the country and the world, To date, there are no conclusive studies that demonstrate its clinical effectiveness in treating patients with coronavirus.According to various experts consulted through this medium.

Ivermectin is not approved by UNMATE or any other health organization in the world for the prevention or treatment of dengue virus. Additionally, there have been reports increase in severe toxicity For use of ivermectin without medical prescription.

Those giving wrong information about Covid-19 and dengue

One of the users sharing misinformation on his social networks is Julio Reisana, who defines himself as an “outsider lawyer” (sic) in his biography on X (X Twitter).

During 2021 and 2022, Reason published disinformation (see). Here And Here) which were verified Checked And is pronounced In favor of Mariano Arriaga, one of the leaders of the group “Doctor for Truth”, Furthermore, he believes the coronavirus pandemic is a “health dictatorship” and vaccines are a “fatal experiment.”

Over the years, whenever dengue cases increase, misinformation about it has circulated on social networks, for example, indicating that the existence of the dengue virus has “not been proven”, that dengue is “considered to be caused by calcium deficiency”. and is cured” with Vitamin C”, that severe dengue symptoms are “caused by the interaction of graphene and 5G antennas”, or that papaya leaf cures dengue. All false statements. Checked We identify and verify them this note,

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