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A favorite hobby of children and adults that makes everyone happy is listening to music. This hobby offers us many benefits for our health, as it helps us fight stress, reduce anxiety, make us happy, motivate us to exercise more and improve our environment.

To listen to our music we can use high-quality specialized players, smart assistants such as Alexa or Google Home and through streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube Music or Dezeer on our phones.

Today we share with you the trick to get 2 months of Spotify Premium without paying a single peso, which is very cool, so check it out carefully.

Spotify and its amazing benefits for you

spotify Putting the world of music at your fingertips, it is a music streaming platform that allows you to access a catalog of over 80 million songs and 4 billion podcasts. With Spotify, you can listen to music without ads (with a premium subscription), create and share playlists, discover new music thanks to its personalized recommendations, listen to music without an Internet connection. You can download, listen to podcasts on your favorite topics, connect with other users and share your music tastes.

What benefits does Spotify offer to its users?

Spotify allows its large users benefits as they are:

-Access to a large music library: Enjoy a variety of genres, artists and songs from around the world.

-Personalization: Create personalized playlists and discover new music through Spotify recommendations.

-No Ads: Enjoy your music without interruptions with a premium subscription.

-Listen offline: Download music and podcasts to listen without an Internet connection.

Connectivity: Share your music and connect with other users.

How can you get Spotify without paying anything?

Spotify Premium promotion for 2 months free, credit to Spotify

There’s a big promotion out there to get Spotify in the premium version without paying anything, but be careful, this only applies to people who have never used a premium account. you have to access it direct link, fill out the form and register a card so that, if you like the premium version, it can be charged next month. Two months will be free and you will be able to access all the premium features. Before the trial period ends, the app will send you a 7-day notification so you can cancel or continue listening to music if you decide.

What are the Spotify Premium prices?

In our country (Mexico), prices vary depending on the different categories premium plan Your preferences and user options are detailed below:

Spotify Premium Personal Plan $129 per month

Premium Duo Plan $169 per month

Premium Family Plan $199 per month

Premium plan for students $69 per month.

Benefits of Spotify for users

This music app has many benefits for its premium users, this has allowed it to establish itself as the best music app above its competitors, some of these benefits are:

-Convenience: Access your music anytime, anywhere, from any device.

-Flexibility: Choose from a variety of subscription plans so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

-Price: Spotify offers subscription plans at affordable prices.

-Quality: Enjoy your music in high audio quality.

-Community: Be part of a global community of music lovers.

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