They ask for help to recover documents of a Cuban citizen who died in a traffic accident

wife of ivan raul serrano perezA young Cuban who died tragically car accident In the incident that occurred in Holguín earlier this month, help was sought on social networks to recover several documents that were present and lost in the damaged vehicle.

The partner of one of the two fatal victims of the road accident – which occurred on the highway connecting the city of Holguín and Guardalavaca – He promised a financial reward to anyone who returned the stolen goods.

“The person who finds the documents lost in the accident of my husband, Iván Raúl Serrano Pérez, and gives them to me, I will give you 20,000 pesos as a reward without asking anything from you.“, Internet user Olemani Ochoa wrote on the social network.

He said, “Mainly I need car circulation. Please, I need it. Call me on 52062140. All documents are in your name.”

Facebook Capture/Olemni Ochoa

In the comments section, the woman explained this He has already faced at least one scam attempt, from a person who wrote to him with a fake profile saying he had these scamsAnd reiterated the plea to retrieve the documents.

This tragic accident happened on the night of 1 FebruaryWhen the car in which Iván Raúl Serrano Pérez and two other people were traveling left the road for unknown reasons.

Shocking pictures after the accident Show the condition of the damaged vehicle.Which had to be lifted with the help of a crane to remove it from the accident site.

In addition to Serrano Pérez, one of his companions died, while a third was hospitalized.

Event reporter Niover Lisia also reiterated the request for help to recover the documents in the final hours.

On the other hand, this is not the first time in recent times that a family is seeking help to recover personal belongings of a person who died in an accident.

Wife of Lidemis Suarez Rodriguez this week A Cuban died after being hit by a bus in Cardenastook to social media to ask for help in recovering her husband’s cell phone, which was apparently stolen by someone from the accident site.

“If anyone finds it, I need it returned to me. We have many memories for our girl and very important documents that I need,” Suarez Rodriguez wrote in a request.

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