Canelo Alvarez vs. Jaime Munguia, a fight that promises thrills, but the challenge remains Benavidez

Canelo Alvarez in his fight against Jermall Charlo last September.  (Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

Canelo Alvarez in his fight against Jermall Charlo last September. (Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

saul cinnamon Alvarez has been choosing his opponents for several years. He has an infinite series of names at his command for the most diverse inspirations. There are people who see it as the biggest challenge of their career; Others want a ‘pay day’, knowing that they will become millionaires after fighting it regardless of the outcome. Some others have become obsessed with him and can’t find a way to get the opportunity – such is the case with David Benavidez.

But he holds on to the thread and is not ready to let go. is she working style Of the undisputed super middleweight champion: fighting whoever he wants. The chosen one for May 4 in Las Vegas is a Mexican: Jaime Munguia. The 27-year-old undefeated Tijuana native will have the opportunity of a lifetime against a fighter with whom his name has been associated for a long time. Munguia’s rise in boxing was astonishing: he won his first world title (WBO super welterweight) against Sadam Ali at the age of 21 (2018).

He instantly grabbed the limelight that took others decades to achieve. But then his career entered a vague security phase: he moved up to 160 pounds (middleweight) without facing any ranked opponents: he went from there without competing in any championships. And he jumped to 168. When his career seemed stalled despite a thrilling victory against difficult circumstances Sergiy DerevyanchenkoMunguia made an important decision: change coach.

Young boxer leaves Eric’s camp Horrible Morales will train under the orders of Freddy Roach, the architect of Manny Pacquiao, the boxer who marked every possible milestone of the 21st century. His first fight with Roach as coach was against John Ryder in January, which he lost on points to Canelo in May 2023. Munguia needed nine rounds to stop him and send a declaration of intent. The games were over and I was ready for the big names. He was able to do what Alvarez could not: knock out a common rival rider.

In this way he joined the race to become Guadalajara’s rival. And he got it. Álvarez had stated on several occasions that he did not want to face a Mexican opponent. He last faced Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in May 2017. His reasoning was: He was there to open doors for his compatriots, not to close them or create division. But those notions were interpreted as an excuse not to fight against David Benavidez, who was born in Phoenix to a Mexican father.

And now Alvarez has contradicted himself, saying Munguia is Mexican and will fight him. ,Why does he say yes and Benavidez say no? This is the million dollar question (of millions of people). Only Alvarez knows. Benavidez has done everything he can to get the opportunity and he has not had it given to him, even though he is his mandatory challenger from the WBC. This is not a case of Jaime Munguia, who has to take advantage of his opportunity. It’s a challenge against him and his style: Munguia hits, but receives; He’s strong and fast, but he doesn’t have enough defense to dominate.

This is the type of opponent against whom Alvarez typically shines: he is counter-attacking and strategic. He has not looked good in his previous fights, but against Munguia he will have the ideal context to show the abilities that made him the best pound for pound, a title of honor that he does not have today and that he will not be able to recover from If he beats his countryman. The biggest challenge is said to be David Benavidez. But Jaime Munguia is an explosive challenger, commercially attractive and if he wins, he will immediately become the face of Mexican boxing.

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