2 questions to ask yourself (plus a tip and an exercise) to recognize your emotions, according to a psychologist

All emotions they are necessary And they have a function in our lives. Good (quiet bliss, etc.) and Obviouslyunpleasant (sadness, anger, etc.) a few months before the Pixar film reaches Spain inside out 2 -Opens in summer- to educate us in the exciting world emotional intelligenceWe recover this psychologist’s technique for learning name feelings Which we feel every day. “There are no positive or negative emotions, there are Emotions that make us feel goodThey generate sensations that are comfortable, that provide us with well-being, that are pleasant, and on the other hand, that make us feel to cause inconvenience, trouble, or hinder, But all of these are necessary and complement our human experience,” explains the expert.

2 questions to identify what emotions you feel

recognize emotions It’s not easy but it’s a skill we can all train and, daniel seagal is she American doctor context to talk about emotional intelligence, This world expert distinguishes Description And the explanation In emotions. ,describe our emotional experience, how we feel, where we experience them in our bodiesIt means asking yourself what when where And As, Instead, want to find a the explanation What we describe is related to Because” explains the psychologist Ana Gómez. And she adds: “At the brain level we also talk about two processes: that of description, which is carried out by us right hemisphereand want to find cause-effect explanations through logic that allows us to do our work left hemisphere“That is, to identify an emotion we have to ask ourselves two questions: What do I feel? Why do I feel this way?

A tip and an exercise to recognize emotions

  • A trick to recognize emotions: “You can understand emotions better if you can see them as messengers: What message is this feeling trying to convey to me? In addition to asking yourself why am I sad?, ask yourself: Why am I sad?“Psychologist Ana Gomez explains feeling better, loving myself better,
  • an exercise in recognizing emotions: Keep in mind that “in most, if not all, cases, We feel more than one emotion at a time, Furthermore, although at first it may seem illogical, in the same situation we can feel both pleasant emotions and unpleasant emotions at the same time.” explains Ana Gómez. To understand this reality she suggests an exercise. Are Choose a specific situation And analyze it like this: paint a circle For every emotion you felt in that moment. “If the emotion was very intense and strong, draw a larger circle; if it was not as prominent, indicate it with a smaller circle.”

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