Two Venezuelans made malt in Argentina and now expand with a new plant

Malta +58 CCS was built in Buenos Aires. It is currently distributed throughout Argentina. (photo courtesy)

Venezuelans Elimar Coll and Alejandro Álvarez got the idea of ​​creating a malt brand (Venezuelan beverage) years after immigrating to Argentina, where they held several previous jobs. It was because of his business relationship with brewery owner Manuel Lopez that that dream came true and he was able to make it happen. Thus +58 CCS malt was born.


In December 2023, the brand took another step towards its expansion thanks to a new factory, which doubled the production they had produced until then. There is gratifying news for this migrant couple, who have seen what was initially a dream gradually come true.

It’s not that we built a plant from the beginning, from the beginning the project was born within a brewery where there is a logistics and distribution structure, it has been in Argentina for seven years, so it was easy to do the malt project and It helped this expansion,” explained Alejandro Alvarez in an interview for Voice of America. “Manu decided to double the productive capacity of the factory, we went from a 100 liter factory to 230,000 liters per month. “This is a great accomplishment for everyone.”

According to Alvarez, this new plant will not only allow them to increase production capacity, but they will also be able to anticipate sales abroad.

“This new plant allows us to think about selling abroad, and to make it a profitable business we have to have much higher volumes, much higher production.”

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