Carnival Cruise Line passengers delayed boarding due to naming ceremony

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carnival cruise line announced that this would delay boarding passengers carnival jubilee Due to the completion of the ship’s official naming ceremony.

New Carnival Jubilee, sister ship of the very popular Mardi Gras And this carnival celebration, will be officially christened on Saturday, February 24, 2024 at Cruise Terminal 25 at the Port of Galveston. Due to naming holidays, regular boarding will be later than usual.

Along those lines, Carnival Cruise Line has contacted passengers with a reminder about those arrival appointments, as well as the consequences of arriving early.

In a statement, the company said that “You may have heard that the Carnival Jubilee naming ceremony will take place on Saturday, February 24. To ensure a seamless experience for our guests and to manage all activities, boarding will be slightly later than usual. Please do not arrive before your terminal arrival appointments as they will be strictly enforced.

Carnival Jubilee departs Galveston at 4:00 pm, but after the naming ceremony, the ship will not depart from its Lone Star State home port until 8:00 pm, so boarding will be later for reserved passengers.


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