The exercise that slims you down and tones your muscles more than running (and you only need a backpack to practice it)

with which there are no miraculous exercises Lose weight and tone the body. It takes a lot of hard work to get a body tan. However, the important thing is to stay healthy and do activities that can benefit the body and mind. One of the most notable in this sense is walking, although it does not have such a noticeable effect on the body., Until racking came along and everything changed.

He “Ruckus“Is new training trend Which combines the best running with the best training in the gym. It is a type of training that is widely practiced by the military and used to stay fit and healthy.

Walking at a fast pace with a heavy backpack on your back is called racking. You can say that running has benefits, but without causing any negative effects on the joints. In addition, other benefits are also added, such as improved muscle strength and stamina. There are many benefits of racking.

  • A lot of calories are burned. That means it helps you in losing weight. More or less, if you run for an hour you burn 700 calories and if you walk you burn about 390 calories. Walking with a heavy backpack can burn 600 million calories.

  • Tone Musculature.

  • It improves cardiovascular capacity, like any other sport that involves movement, but with less impact on the joints than other high-impact activities like running or CrossFit.

It is also a very interesting type of game for the mind, because when done outside, it helps to relieve stress and relax. This may also improve the quality of sleep.

If this activity is done in a company, it can also be a good way to socialize.


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