Cell phones used by technology millionaires

Cell phones used by technology millionaires

In the competitive world of smartphones, the choices of millionaires and technology leaders are conspicuous for their diversity.

Bill Gates, the brain behind Microsoft; Choose the versatility of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold.


This 7.3-inch foldable device with a fingerprint reader has caught your attention by offering functionality and style in one package.

Elon Musk, the visionary behind X and Tesla, is not tied to any one brand. While he has been seen several times with an iPhone; It was also captured with a Samsung Galaxy, showing its technical flexibility to suit our needs.

The rasterizer highlights how the eternal rivalry between Apple and Samsung is reflected in the smartphone market; Where iOS and Android users want high-end devices from both the brands.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos maintains secrets about his devices, although there is speculation that he could be behind the Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy.

However, this is not everyone’s personal choice and brand preferences. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg bets on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra performance; A high-end phone with a stylus for a more versatile experience.

In the field of cyber security, massive data breaches have shaken the international community. a Chinese company, I-Sun, which is known to compete for Chinese government tenders; Has been accused of hacking foreign governments, social media accounts and personal computers.

Leaked documents reveal attacks on governments and democratic institutions in Hong Kong, universities, and even NATO; According to researchers at SentinelLabs and Malwarebytes.

The leaks now posted online include a variety of files from chat logs to screenshots of Facebook account access attempts.

The documents listed government targets for Thailand and the United Kingdom; Underscoring the growing concern for digital security in an increasingly interconnected world.

The truth is that Apple and Samsung have joined the battle to conquer the throne of the best smartphone, competing with high-end terminals with great functionality. These are the most desired by users, depending on which side they are on: iPhone for those who prefer iOS and Samsung for those who prefer Android.

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