Charles Melton is ready for another romance movie with Elizabeth Olsen

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Riverdale star Charles Melton is set to appear in another movie depicting an inappropriate relationship with Elizabeth Olsen.

Fresh from the series finale of The CW’s hit teen drama series Riverdale, Charles Melton (who played Riverdale High football player Reggie Mantle) made a breakthrough in his post-series career by starring in the Netflix true-story film May December.

Starring alongside Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore, Melton played Joe Yu, a young man who is coming to terms with the fact that his wife Elizabeth (Moore) groomed him since he was 13 and had an affair with him. Abused.

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And it looks like Melton is returning to another inappropriate relationship role, although this time in a less serious setting, as he was announced to be starring in a new movie with Marvel star Elizabeth Olsen.

Starring in a dark comedy romance film with Melton Olsen

It was recently announced that Melton will be starring alongside Olsen in the upcoming film Love Child, directed by Todd Solondz, whose work includes Dark Horse and Wiener-Dog.

According to The Film Stage, the film’s synopsis is as follows: “The story follows 11-year-old Junior, a confused aspiring Broadway star who has an inappropriate obsession with his mother (Olsen). After causing an accident that nearly kills her abusive father, she encourages the handsome man living in the family’s guesthouse to court her mother and become her new father. But when the two fall in love, Junior becomes so jealous that he is no longer the subject of his mother’s attention and he plans to frame the man for his father’s murder.

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Solondz is known for his dark, socially conscious style of satire, so it’s not surprising that this film would lean more on the dysfunctional side of the classic American family lifestyle.

Solondz said, “I am extremely excited to be working with Elizabeth Olsen and Charles Melton on what will be an extremely fun and playful celebration of Hollywood films.” He said it would be his “most audience-friendly (film), as far as I can be ‘audience-friendly’ and ‘commercial’.”

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Olsen herself has expressed her excitement about the project, saying, “I have been a longtime fan of Todd’s work and collaborating with him on this film is a true dream.”

Love Child is set to begin filming this spring with a tentative release date of 2025, which could coincide with the 30th anniversary of her shocking debut film Welcome to the Dollhouse.

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