Paolo Guerrero apologizes to Christian Cueva for mentioning threats in an interview: “He only tried to help me” game

Paolo Guerrero issued a statement apologizing to those who were offended by the statements he made regarding his refusal to play trujillo, But he also took the opportunity to apologize to his former Peruvian teammate, Christian Cueva.

It turns out that the attacker mentioned this in an interview with whom he spoke Christian Cueva about the threats he had received from Trujillo’s perpetrators, and that the flyer contacted third parties to confirm this position.

“I’m sorry for that too Christian Cueva (Cuvita) who, only at my request, tried to help by finding out the veracity of the threats, through a friend, a friend of a friend.Written by Predator Paolo Guerrero.

In his statement, paolo guerrero He also explained the reason why he would not go to play at César Vallejo University in Trujillo after receiving threats, reiterating his concern that something might happen to his loved ones after receiving threats.

Statement from Paolo Guerrero

Paolo Guerrero issued a statement Give your reasons for not playing in Cesar Vallejo University of Trujillo, reiterating that he does this for the safety of his family, as his loved ones have been threatened by extortionists. “To“Yes, just like I protect my country’s shirt, I must protect my family.”he expressed in the document.

paolo guerrero He recognized that moving to Trujillo would not guarantee his family’s safety and refused to deal with crime. “S“I feel that just as I protect my country’s jersey by giving my best on the field, I must protect my family.”All keeping in mind that she has two children.

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