Chavismo sentences 10 defendants to 30 years in prison in “Honor and Glory” case

Cesar David Mayora Guacare’s condition appeared to be deteriorating before he was arrested and after leaving DGCIM and being sent to El Rodeo III prison.

The Venezuelan lawyer, Joel García, indicated on Monday night that “a few minutes ago, the first trial judge with jurisdiction in terrorism cases imposed a sentence of 10 to 30 years in prison for the crimes of terrorism, conspiracy and collaboration.” This case is called “Honor and Glory”, among them César Maiora has been detained since 2019?

By: Alberto News

Cesar David Mayora Guacare, First Sergeant of the National Guard, was detained by Operation Honor and Glory. He lived in Colombia for seven years and moved to Caracas in December 2019.

When on December 18, 2019, at 4 pm, he was leaving Caracas near Hoyo de la Puerta, a DGCIM officer boards the bus and asks him for his identification and asks to disembark from the transportation unit.

“Once he got off the bus, they put the hood over him and put him in a vehicle, where they beat him, asked him about rifles, C4 explosives and some people, whom he claimed Did that he didn’t know,” he revealed. infobae A relative of Sgt.

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